“I Need to Have Experience in the Industry” and Other Franchising Myths

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Myth #1: I need to have experience in the industry.

Having experience in any industry you’d like to go into is always a good thing, but franchisees with Jon Smith Subs will be amazed at how comprehensive our training and support programs are. When you franchise with us, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the business. From day-to-day operations like how to make the perfect marinade to bookkeeping support, one of the benefits of franchising with us is that we take all of the guesswork out of running a sandwich shop. Once your doors are open, we’ll continue to support you and your business. If you’re a rookie to the quick service restaurant industry, this is one myth that shouldn’t cause you any hesitation.

Myth #2: Your franchisor won’t allow you any freedom to make decisions

Entering into a franchise agreement is a partnership between the franchisor and you. As the franchisor, we do have policies and procedures that we believe will help your business to grow most effectively. However, as the business owner you have the freedom to develop your own policies as well. In fact, having greater personal freedom is one of the benefits of franchising. Want to be home every night at 5:00 p.m.? Want to develop marketing targeted at your community? How about going into business with your family? Franchisees have the freedom to make lots of decisions about how their business is run.

Myth #3: Franchising is too expensive

You may have heard the old adage “it takes money to make money.” This adage applies to franchising. Like any business, you’ll need to invest in the materials and resources you’ll need to get your sandwich shop running. Your one-time franchise fee will help to pay for the training and support you’ll need to get started. The small yearly amount you’ll pay will help to pay for the support systems you’ll continue to enjoy. However, financing is a viable option for many new franchisees. When you partner with Jon Smith Subs, we can help refer you to financing agencies to get the capital you’ll need to open your doors.

These are just some of the myths surrounding franchising that unduly worry some potential franchisees. To learn more about franchising with Jon Smith Subs, reach out to us today.

What License Do I Need to Open a Sandwich Shop Franchise?

If you’re thinking of opening your own sandwich shop franchise, chances are you’ve already realized that there are a number of licenses and permits required to open your new business. Navigating these requirements can be complicated and can take some time and careful research. One of the benefits of franchising with an established brand like Jon Smith Subs is relying on our expertise to help you get your business open quickly and lawfully. Having been in business since 1988, we know a thing or two about licensing. Here are some of the most common licenses you’ll need to earn when you open up your new sub shop.

Business License

In order to do business in the United States, you’ll first need to acquire a business license. The cost of these licenses varies depending on location, type of business, and how much profit you can expect to earn. These license requirements vary from state to state, and often need to be renewed annually. A simple Google search of “business license” + your state should give you more specific information on the requirements in your area.

Food Service License

One key license in our business is the food service license, which allows you to prepare and serve food from your sandwich shop. When you apply for your license, you can expect a visit from your local health department. They will inspect your restaurant to ensure that it is clean and safe. Once this is done, you can look forward to future visits from the health department in order to maintain your license. At Jon Smith Subs, cleanliness is one of our core values. Following the procedures we’ve developed will help ensure that you’re able to earn and keep your food service license.

Sign Permit

Every business needs to advertise itself, so a sign permit is key. Before you can put up signage on your brand new location, you’ll need to get the approval of your local authorities. They will want to know all about the size and type of sign you’ll be putting up, and you’ll need a sign permit in order to proceed.

These are just a few of the licenses and permits you’ll need to get before your new sandwich shop can open for business. At Jon Smith Subs, we have 30 years of experience dealing with a variety licenses and can help you complete all the necessary steps to get your business up and running.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jon Smith Subs can help jump start your new sandwich shop business, give us a call today at 1-888-978-3171 or visit us online at https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com.

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How to Start a Sandwich Shop of Your Own

If you’ve been paying attention to trends in the restaurant industry, you already know that sandwich shops are a popular option for customers who are looking for quick and fresh meals on the go. Wondering how to start a sandwich shop of your own? You’re in the right place.

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Franchising or Starting From Scratch?

The first decision you will need to make is what kind of business model you’d like to develop. Would you rather start your own sandwich shop from scratch, or franchise with a larger brand? While both of these options have their advantages, franchising with a larger brand like Jon Smith Subs means valuable support for you. We have the experience and the resources to help you get your location started strong, and can help you tackle any challenges that may arise as you go through the process of opening your store.

Choosing a Franchise

If you choose to franchise rather than open a new business from scratch, there are many brands for you to choose from. Do some careful research to learn about the investment required for each, what type of training and support you can expect, and what kind of brand recognition you can count on. When you become a franchisee, the reputation of the larger brand will influence your location. At Jon Smith Subs, we’ve built a reputation for quality and cleanliness since 1988 that we are proud to share with our franchisees. Customers know that when they decide to eat at one off our restaurants, they can expect quality ingredients and great service that can’t be matched.

Choosing a Location

Location is key in the restaurant business, and choosing the location of your new sandwich shop is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. No matter where you’re opening your sandwich shop, you’ll want to make sure that it is centrally located so customers can easily stop in. When you choose to franchise with Jon Smith Subs, part of the support we are proud to offer is helping you to choose a location. We’ve conducted extensive research on target markets and can help you decide on the best possible spot for your sandwich shop to open.

These are just a few tips on how to get started opening your own sandwich shop. If you’d like to learn more about franchising with Jon Smith Subs, we can give you even more information. Give us a call today at 1-888-978-3171 or visit us online at https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com to learn more.

5 Ingredients of Successful Franchising

In order to be successful in the franchise world, there are certain things a franchisee has to accomplish. With brands like Jon Smith Subs, restaurant franchising is a great idea. Here are the five secret ingredients of successful franchising.

Opportune Industry

One of the best ways to see success with a franchise is by investing in a growing industry. For example, the restaurant industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow every year. Franchises like Jon Smith Subs continue to grow, especially because they bring such a unique concept with a fast-casual setting that is both inviting like a sit-down restaurant but uncommitted like a quick service restaurant.

Quality Products

Finding a franchise opportunity that is proud of their products is important. Franchises that sell cheap products are far more likely to fail. Jon Smith Subs rises above other restaurant franchises due to the quality ingredients. It keeps customer satisfaction and retention high.

In addition to quality ingredients, Jon Smith Subs has unique menu items that cannot be found at any other franchise brand. This is what makes Jon Smith Subs so different, and why franchisees choose this brand over others.

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A sign of a good franchise is the amount of training they offer to their franchisees. Jon Smith Subs franchises require franchisees to attend a two-week program in Florida, as well as an on-site training at their franchise. By doing this, all of the franchisees have the same training and are able to assist customers to the best of their ability. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, customers can expect consistent service from the franchisee no matter where they go.

Great Location

A big part of owning a thriving franchise has to do with the location. Brands like Jon Smith Subs take the time to create target markets where franchises are more likely to see more growth. This proves to be beneficial to both franchisees and customers. The target markets have been created to be convenient for customers so they are more apt to visit, which generates more profit and revenue for the franchisee. This is an extremely beneficial tool for a successful franchise, and Jon Smith Subs has taken the time to make it easy for franchisees.

Supportive Franchisor

A franchisee can only be as great as their franchisor. Having the support from the corporate brand makes a huge difference in the success of the franchise. Jon Smith Subs offers ongoing support for their franchisees, which gives them everything they need to operate their franchise. Having the access to a real person who can answer questions and offer support gives franchisees the assistance they need to improve the quality of their franchise.

In addition to the support, Jon Smith Subs has everything laid out for anyone interested in franchising. We have a turnkey business model and investment, target markets, training, support, and other tools to help our franchisees through the twists and turns of owning a Jon Smith Subs franchise. For more information about owning a franchise, contact us today!

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The Quality Difference That Creates Customers for Life

Customers notice everything about a business. It is the owner’s job to maintain customer relationships long-term, and Jon Smith Subs franchisees realize this. Here is what makes Jon Smith Subs different from other sandwich franchises, and why this is a great new opportunity for a potential franchise owner.

Great Customer Service

As a franchise, Jon Smith Subs has a huge reputation to maintain. Therefore, all employees and franchisees are held to high standards in terms of customer service. They greet their customers and prepare their order with respect and dignity, and uphold the philosophy of “the customer is always right.” It proves to be working as well, based off of the testimonials customers gave about their local Jon Smith Subs franchise.

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Casual Establishment

A lot of customers are too busy or too tired to go to a sit-down restaurant for their food. Jon Smith Subs has a fast-casual eating area that is perfect for people who are on the go or want to sit. Jon Smith Subs strives to accommodate all different kinds of customers to make sure their dining experience is perfect for them.

Quality Products

Jon Smith Subs only offers the finest ingredients for their sandwiches, which lets the customer know they are buying from a good brand. Customers keep going back to Jon Smith Subs because they know they can expect a good sandwich every time.

In addition, Jon Smith Subs has menu items that cannot be found anywhere else. The founder, Jon Smith, has poured years of creativity into his craft. The customers see this and keep coming back for more.

Good Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

Jon Smith Subs is a new franchise opportunity serving high-quality subs to faithful customers nationwide. Jon Smith Subs strives to provide their franchisees with everything they need to open and maintain their franchise. They offer ample training to their franchisees prior to opening their franchise, assuring that all franchisees have these qualities by the end. Because of the training program, people interested in owning a franchise do not need prior restaurant experience to invest. The team at Jon Smith Subs will provide the necessary training regardless of the franchisee’s background.

The initial investment is reasonable for all of the benefits these franchises come with. Franchisees can start their business with as little as the low $300’s. Comparative to other restaurant franchises, it is relatively low. For qualifying applicants, Jon Smith Subs will help find alternative ways to find the investment money to help the franchisee in any way they can. To learn more about Jon Smith Subs and the franchise opportunities, visit he https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com/.

What Does it Take to Become a Sandwich Franchisee?

If you’ve dreamed of branching out and want to be your own boss, then starting a business is the logical choice. But what does it take to start a business? That’s a complicated factor, and takes into consideration much more than we have room for here. But there is a somewhat easier way to do it: investing in a franchise.

By investing in a franchise, you get all the perks of being your own boss, with far less hassle getting started and sustaining your business.

The only thing left to do is choose a franchise that’s right for you and figure out what you need to do to invest.

One great company to explore is Jon Smith Subs, a fast-casual food franchise in Palm Beach County, Florida. So what does it take to become a sandwich franchisee? Let’s take a look.

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The first question any potential business owner needs to ask is whether there is a demand for your product idea and if people are willing to pay for it.

The short answer in the restaurant industry, of course, is yes. People need to eat, and they want a variety of tasty, convenient options.

At Jon Smith Subs, we give them both.

With our fast-casual setup, we provide customers with the convenience of fast food, but the quality and service of a sit-down restaurant.

And as a growing player in the $780+ billion restaurant industry whose roots extend nearly 30 years, there’s certainly a demand for the excellent food and service we provide.


Here’s the thing: we understand that there are excellent people in the food industry with no business experience, and excellent people in the business world with no restaurant and food experience.

We don’t think you ultimately need to have extensive knowledge of the food or restaurant industry to be successful, but we look for potential franchisees to have a good understanding of general business principles.

After that, we look for hard working and passionate individuals, dedicated to doing what it takes to be successful. Once we identify them, we bring them through an extensive training process that includes two weeks of training at our global headquarters followed by on-site training in your restaurant.

But that’s not all: Backed by the power of United Franchise Group, we offer continued education and training via our online portal to keep you up to date on the latest industry trends, updates, and programs.

Plus, we work with you to create innovative marketing plans that focus in on your local market.


Our initial franchise fee is an affordable $29,500. After that, initial investments start at around $250,000.

Financing is available for qualified candidates through a third party.

Contact us today to speak with a franchise consultant and take the next step toward your dreams.

5 Tips to Consider When Growing Your Business

Do You Want to Expand Your Business?

Expanding a business is popular because it can mean making a bigger profit. As in all business matters, you should read up on other people’s experiences to give yourself the best chance of success, which is critical when the stakes are high.

If you are thinking about expansion in your franchise sandwich shop business plan, you should consider these 5 tips:


Build Loyalty

Repeat customers are better than one-time customers for the simple reason that fewer marketing resources are needed to convince them to buy a business’s products and services.

For a sandwich shop, this means that a strong base of loyal customers can provide it with reliable revenue streams, which are important not only for the shop’s profits but also for its ability to expand. The simplest method for building customer loyalty is through the combination of excellent products and outstanding customer service, but you might be able to enhance the loyalty-building process with incentive programs and personalization through two-way communication on social media.

New Products

New products can serve a couple of important purposes. First, they can appeal to existing customers, encouraging them to spend more. Second, they can appeal to new customers, enabling a business to expand its customer base. As a result, if you are expanding your business, you should keep a close eye on Jon Smith Subs’ product selection to see what you can use to make your business more attractive.

New Customers

Sometimes, a business has the right selection of products but is not selling as much as it could be because it has not managed to secure all of its potential customers. If you suspect that there is a segment of consumers who could be interested in your products but who are not visiting your location, you should look into their behaviors, their demographics, and other relevant information.

By doing this, you can assess whether it would be worthwhile to market toward this customer group, and if you determine that it is, you can base your marketing plan on the information you uncover.

Continuous Improvement

A franchise sandwich shop business plan should include the processes that will be used to monitor the business’s revenue, identify potential problems, and correct them for continuous improvement over time. After all, the better a business can provide its customers with its products and services, the faster it will be able to grow. For example, if you use webmaster tools to gauge the results of your online marketing, you can use that information to develop a better understanding of your customer base. This, in turn, will enable you to craft better marketing campaigns in the future. Summed up, information is power—as long as you know how to use it.

More Franchise Locations

Finally, if you believe that your business is running smoothly, you should consider opening another Jon Smith Subs franchise location, which will be able to generate new revenue streams from new customers. Since you have all of the expertise and experience that went into implementing your franchise sandwich shop business plan for the first time, the second time should be much easier, particularly since you can always count on our support for our franchisees.

Want to learn more information about expanding your business? Please feel free contact us at your earliest convenience.

When in Doubt, Ask the Experts! What You Should Know About Opening a Sandwich Shop

People are always going to need prepared food, and even people who love fine dining need food on the go from time to time. From quick lunches to those nights when people just don’t feel like cooking, sometimes a sandwich is exactly what the doctor—or at least the doctor’s schedule—ordered.

For that reason, the sandwich shop is still a popular place for busy people and foodies alike. That doesn’t mean, however, that running a sandwich shop is easy and customers will knock your door down with orders. Use this guide to learn more about opening a sandwich shop for the first time.

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You’ll Want Business Skills

More than anything else, efficiently running a sandwich shop is about things like ordering food on time, handling advertising, and making sure you have money available for things like payroll. Like any other small business, having some knowledge of how these things work will really benefit you.

If you’re considering a franchise opportunity, even if you’ve never owned your own business before, having a solid business background can help. You may still face a few bumps in the road since you’ll be running a different type of business, but strong fundamental knowledge can help you get through the more confusing times.

You’ll Need Help

Even if you have years of business experience, opening a sandwich shop is likely a completely different ballgame for you. After all, the food service industry has unique demands and concerns that even savvy small business owners may not know about when they get started.

Since you’re going to need employees to help you in your sandwich shop, one of the best things you can do is to hire a manager that comes from the food service industry. Whether you’re hiring somebody who has managed a chain restaurant or a smaller mom and pop style shop, having somebody who knows the ins and outs of food service can make your life a lot easier.

Handling basics like making sure you have enough lettuce and bread for your sandwiches will also be considerably easier. After all, ordering food for a sandwich shop based on sales and expected needs is something of an art. And don’t forget the help and support of the franchisor! The franchisor will be there to help you out from the moment you open your shop.

The Customer Is Always Right

“The customer is always right” is one of those old adages that you don’t hear much anymore. With Amazon and other global companies seemingly taking over every market, the customer and the seller are often so far apart that a real conversation never even takes place.

When you’re running a sandwich shop, though, you’ll be talking one-on-one with customers on a daily basis. At the very least, your employees will interface with multiple clients each and every day if you’re going to stay in business.

As a rule, the customer is always right in such food-based, service-oriented businesses. Adopt this policy and you’ll likely find you have more repeat customers and a growing business—even if you do have to take back a sandwich every now and then.

Invest in a Jon Smith Subs Franchise

Opening a sandwich shop can be a trying experience if you’ve never been in the food service business before. However, if you love people and enjoy the thought of your own service-based business, the day-to-day issues won’t be anything compared to the joy of financial independence and doing a job you love.

Once you overcome the hurdles, you’ll find that opening a sandwich shop might be the best thing you ever did for yourself. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to find out how you can open up your own Jon Smith Subs franchise!