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The Jon Smith Subs Story

Jon Smith. Today he’s all about great subs. High quality, fresh, delicious subs. But his journey to the best sub has had some interesting turns.

While pouring his passion into infusing quality into the sandwich industry he’s also an avid motorcycle rider, he pilots small planes and he’s been a horse trainer. He’s won race car championships and has even formed a Nashville area band, fittingly called The Jon Smith Band. He’s also honed his business acumen in several other industries by opening and developing an ice cream concept, grinders restaurant, and swimwear stores. All were sold successfully and are still in business to this day.


He began his journey into freshness in 1988 when he purchased two failing sub shops. He transformed the menu, pricing, and overall operations and won customers over. He added a new prototype and quickly realized the more he built, the more the business grew. Today he has locations throughout Palm Beach County, Florida.

The story of Jon Smith Subs is one of success. Decades of hard work resulting in delicious results for customers, and a great place to work for the dedicated staff in all the locations. For the man who loves the thrill of flying high, racing fast and striking all the right notes, the dream of delivering the best tasting sub has been realized.

Let’s Talk FranchisING

sandwiches, snacks, and drinks from Jon Smith Subs

Fast Casual and High Quality

Jon Smith Subs is fast-casual, not fast food. It’s a place for families to gather, friends to enjoy a great sub together and co-workers to relax. A place where the food is so different and so good, it brings people together.

Jon Smith Subs is bringing new flavors to new markets and customers couldn’t be happier. With decades of food and franchising experience, our franchisees benefit greatly from our expertise as they build their new business.

The Franchise Opportunity

The magic of providing delicious meals that are even better than expected is the very essence of why Jon Smith Subs has been around for over 30 years. This makes it an excellent opportunity to own Multiple Units, be a multi-unit Area Developer or to become a Master License Partner with our sub franchises.

Jon Smith Subs restaurant
Jon Smith Subs restaurant

A Blended Relationship

Jon Smith Subs is part of United Franchise Group, the global leader for entrepreneurs. UFG is home to some of the world’s most successful franchise brands, with nearly 1,400 locations in 80 countries. CEO Ray Titus is a widely recognized leader in the franchise industry. He started the company in 1986 with the Signarama brand in Farmingdale, New York.

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Learn about the Jon Smith Subs Franchise Opportunity and the steps to ownership.