Customers notice everything about a business. It is the owner’s job to maintain customer relationships long-term, and Jon Smith Subs franchisees realize this. Here is what makes Jon Smith Subs different from other sandwich franchises, and why this is a great new opportunity for a potential franchise owner.

Great Customer Service

As a franchise, Jon Smith Subs has a huge reputation to maintain. Therefore, all employees and franchisees are held to high standards in terms of customer service. They greet their customers and prepare their order with respect and dignity, and uphold the philosophy of “the customer is always right.” It proves to be working as well, based off of the testimonials customers gave about their local Jon Smith Subs franchise.

Casual Establishment

A lot of customers are too busy or too tired to go to a sit-down restaurant for their food. Jon Smith Subs has a fast-casual eating area that is perfect for people who are on the go or want to sit. Jon Smith Subs strives to accommodate all different kinds of customers to make sure their dining experience is perfect for them.

Quality Products

Jon Smith Subs only offers the finest ingredients for their sandwiches, which lets the customer know they are buying from a good brand. Customers keep going back to Jon Smith Subs because they know they can expect a good sandwich every time.

In addition, Jon Smith Subs has menu items that cannot be found anywhere else. The founder, Jon Smith, has poured years of creativity into his craft. The customers see this and keep coming back for more.

Good Franchisor-Franchisee Relationship

Jon Smith Subs is a new franchise opportunity serving high-quality subs to faithful customers nationwide. Jon Smith Subs strives to provide their franchisees with everything they need to open and maintain their franchise. They offer ample training to their franchisees prior to opening their franchise, assuring that all franchisees have these qualities by the end. Because of the training program, people interested in owning a franchise do not need prior restaurant experience to invest. The team at Jon Smith Subs will provide the necessary training regardless of the franchisee’s background.

The initial investment is reasonable for all of the benefits these franchises come with. Franchisees can start their business with as little as the low $300’s. Comparative to other restaurant franchises, it is relatively low. For qualifying applicants, Jon Smith Subs will help find alternative ways to find the investment money to help the franchisee in any way they can. To learn more about Jon Smith Subs and the franchise opportunities, visit he