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Invest in Multiple Jon Smith Subs Franchises

Our franchise multi-unit owners know that the Jon Smith Subs opportunity has too much potential to stop at just one location. Jon Smith Subs franchisees are welcome to invest in as many locations as they’d like. Some opt to open multiple locations right off the bat, while others add new restaurants over time. Other franchisees choose to unlock even more revenue streams by becoming an Area Developer or Master Licensee.
Why Open Multiple Jon Smith Subs Franchises?

Investing in multiple Jon Smith Subs franchises comes with lots of perks. A few of the benefits include:

  • Greatly increasing your customer base and multiplying your potential profits
  • Maximizing the results of your marketing spend
  • Creating more opportunities for valued employees to move into management positions
  • Fully leveraging the time you’ve spent mastering our business model

Multi-unit franchisees open two or more Jon Smith Subs locations throughout a large area. Since our franchise has remarkably flexible site requirements, these franchisees can set up shop just about anywhere there are hungry diners, from freestanding locations to food courts.

This is a smart opportunity for all of the reasons we’ve just mentioned, but also because Jon Smith Subs offers significant discounts on franchise fees for investors who open two or more locations. You can significantly increase your potential profits without overspending on the initial investment.

Since 1988, Jon Smith Subs has built a strong reputation for offering some of the best sub sandwiches around, made from premium ingredients. One way to leverage all of that legwork even further is to become an Area Developer or Master Licensee.

Let’s Talk FranchisING

Area Developer Positions Available

Like multi-unit franchisees, Area Developers facilitate the opening of multiple Jon Smith Subs franchises in a given region, such as a state or metro area. Unlike multi-unit franchisees, Area Developers don’t need to open all of these franchises themselves. Instead, they’ll seek out qualified prospective franchisees to invest in their own locations. Together, you’ll expand Jon Smith Subs throughout the area.
One of the best reasons to become an Area Developer is that you’ll find exclusive opportunities for recurring revenue. Area Developers don’t just reap the rewards of their own Jon Smith Subs franchises; they unlock recurring revenue from the franchises they help to sell. If this sounds like the opportunity for you, contact us to learn more about what goes into an Area Developer agreement.

Master Licensee Positions Available

Great food is popular around the world, and Jon Smith Subs has already proven to be a hit in multiple countries.

If you’d like to open your Jon Smith Subs outside the U.S., we’ll do some demographic research on the country you’re interested in to see if there’s strong potential for franchisees in the area. If there is, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up the region’s first location. Once it’s up and running, you’ll find and recruit new franchisees to set up shop throughout the country.

Like Area Developers, Master Licensees also enjoy recurring income from selling franchises and from ongoing royalties. We’ll go over the details when we set up your Master Licensee agreement.

Interested in becoming a multi-unit franchisee, Area Developer, or Master Licensee? Contact us today for more information!


Comprehensive Training

Our training is the best in the business with two weeks of classroom & practical instruction here in the US.  Followed by training in your country with one of our global support experts.  Your taining will intensify again when your flagship grows and you begin selling the brand in your country.

Ongoing Franchisee Support

Our ongoing educational opportunities and support won’t end there.  We also offer our World Expo, Master License Summits and regional learning opportunities.  We send global newsletters and videos to keep you up-to-date on industry developments and innovation within the brand.

franchise marketing expertise

You will have access to all of the marketing materials and strategies we have developed for sales at a local level.  You’ll learn our marketing strategies and then benefit from all the items we have created to help generate sales.

Turnkey Business Model

No prior industry experience is required.  We will set you up with everything you need to succeed as a business owner and Master License Partner in your country.


With United Franchise Group you are getting the sales techniques, processes, and procedures needed to grow the brand in your country.


The world is getting a whole lot smaller and it’s more likely than ever that your customers will have already been exposed to our brands before you even open.  Take advantage of our global presence for yourself.

As a Master License Partner, you will have exclusive rights to develop the brand in your country. You will also be given opportunities to expand into other nearby areas or to add additional brands where you already are.

Jon Smith Subs franchise brochure


Learn about the Jon Smith Subs Franchise Opportunity and the steps to ownership.