In order to be successful in the franchise world, there are certain things a franchisee has to accomplish. With brands like Jon Smith Subs, restaurant franchising is a great idea. Here are the five secret ingredients of successful franchising.

Opportune Industry

One of the best ways to see success with a franchise is by investing in a growing industry. For example, the restaurant industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow every year. Franchises like Jon Smith Subs continue to grow, especially because they bring such a unique concept with a fast-casual setting that is both inviting like a sit-down restaurant but uncommitted like a quick service restaurant.

Quality Products

Finding a franchise opportunity that is proud of their products is important. Franchises that sell cheap products are far more likely to fail. Jon Smith Subs rises above other restaurant franchises due to the quality ingredients. It keeps customer satisfaction and retention high.

In addition to quality ingredients, Jon Smith Subs has unique menu items that cannot be found at any other franchise brand. This is what makes Jon Smith Subs so different, and why franchisees choose this brand over others.


A sign of a good franchise is the amount of training they offer to their franchisees. Jon Smith Subs franchises require franchisees to attend a two-week program in Florida, as well as an on-site training at their franchise. By doing this, all of the franchisees have the same training and are able to assist customers to the best of their ability. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, customers can expect consistent service from the franchisee no matter where they go.

Great Location

A big part of owning a thriving franchise has to do with the location. Brands like Jon Smith Subs take the time to create target markets where franchises are more likely to see more growth. This proves to be beneficial to both franchisees and customers. The target markets have been created to be convenient for customers so they are more apt to visit, which generates more profit and revenue for the franchisee. This is an extremely beneficial tool for a successful franchise, and Jon Smith Subs has taken the time to make it easy for franchisees.

Supportive Franchisor

A franchisee can only be as great as their franchisor. Having the support from the corporate brand makes a huge difference in the success of the franchise. Jon Smith Subs offers ongoing support for their franchisees, which gives them everything they need to operate their franchise. Having the access to a real person who can answer questions and offer support gives franchisees the assistance they need to improve the quality of their franchise.

In addition to the support, Jon Smith Subs has everything laid out for anyone interested in franchising. We have a turnkey business model and investment, target markets, training, support, and other tools to help our franchisees through the twists and turns of owning a Jon Smith Subs franchise. For more information about owning a franchise, contact us today!

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