“I Need to Have Experience in the Industry” and Other Franchising Myths

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Myth #1: I need to have experience in the industry.

Having experience in any industry you’d like to go into is always a good thing, but franchisees with Jon Smith Subs will be amazed at how comprehensive our training and support programs are. When you franchise with us, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the business. From day-to-day operations like how to make the perfect marinade to bookkeeping support, one of the benefits of franchising with us is that we take all of the guesswork out of running a sandwich shop. Once your doors are open, we’ll continue to support you and your business. If you’re a rookie to the quick service restaurant industry, this is one myth that shouldn’t cause you any hesitation.

Myth #2: Your franchisor won’t allow you any freedom to make decisions

Entering into a franchise agreement is a partnership between the franchisor and you. As the franchisor, we do have policies and procedures that we believe will help your business to grow most effectively. However, as the business owner you have the freedom to develop your own policies as well. In fact, having greater personal freedom is one of the benefits of franchising. Want to be home every night at 5:00 p.m.? Want to develop marketing targeted at your community? How about going into business with your family? Franchisees have the freedom to make lots of decisions about how their business is run.

Myth #3: Franchising is too expensive

You may have heard the old adage “it takes money to make money.” This adage applies to franchising. Like any business, you’ll need to invest in the materials and resources you’ll need to get your sandwich shop running. Your one-time franchise fee will help to pay for the training and support you’ll need to get started. The small yearly amount you’ll pay will help to pay for the support systems you’ll continue to enjoy. However, financing is a viable option for many new franchisees. When you partner with Jon Smith Subs, we can help refer you to financing agencies to get the capital you’ll need to open your doors.

These are just some of the myths surrounding franchising that unduly worry some potential franchisees. To learn more about franchising with Jon Smith Subs, reach out to us today.

What Makes the Jon Smith Subs Concept So Special?

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Always Fresh Sandwiches

Nowadays, many franchise sandwich shops like to advertise the freshness of their product. At Jon Smith Subs, our fresh, high-quality ingredients are the cornerstone of our business. Take our marinated meats for instance. Preparing a marinade takes time, and all of our marinated meats are prepared fresh in-house every day. Our rich and zesty marinades not only infuse our meats with distinctive flavor, they tenderize the meat as well. Our famous, marinated meats combined with fresh-baked bread and daily-chopped veggies make for great sandwiches that our customers can’t get enough of. As an added bonus, we are also proud of our large portion sizes that give customers even more of what they love.

A Clean, Comfortable, and Quick Dining Experience

Jon Smith Subs is a cut above our competition in the quick service restaurant industry. One way that we help keep the dining experience special for our customers is our dedication to cleanliness. Every store is cleaned top-to-bottom every day, meaning that each of our stores practically sparkles for our customers. They can enjoy their subs in a relaxed and comfortable space where their food is brought right to their table, reducing the amount of time customers spend clustered around the counter. Table service is just one of the ways we keep the dining experience pleasant for our customers without sacrificing the quick turnaround time with which we complete every order.

World-class Training and Support

Opening a sandwich shop is easier than ever for our franchisees. Jon Smith Subs is a member of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands, meaning we have more experience than ever in franchising, opening new businesses, marketing, and more. When you become a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you’ll enjoy all of the training and support that UFG has to offer. Whether you’re opening your first location, trying to develop a marketing campaign to increase your business, or already run multiple businesses, UFG’s training and support programs will help you to run your business. Franchising with Jon Smith Subs will help take the headache out of your day-to-day operations and management because of the legendary support we are proud to offer our franchisees.

These are just some of the reasons that Jon Smith Sub’s concept is so remarkable. If you’d like to learn more about franchising with us, reach out today for more information.

What License Do I Need to Open a Sandwich Shop Franchise?

If you’re thinking of opening your own sandwich shop franchise, chances are you’ve already realized that there are a number of licenses and permits required to open your new business. Navigating these requirements can be complicated and can take some time and careful research. One of the benefits of franchising with an established brand like Jon Smith Subs is relying on our expertise to help you get your business open quickly and lawfully. Having been in business since 1988, we know a thing or two about licensing. Here are some of the most common licenses you’ll need to earn when you open up your new sub shop.

Business License

In order to do business in the United States, you’ll first need to acquire a business license. The cost of these licenses varies depending on location, type of business, and how much profit you can expect to earn. These license requirements vary from state to state, and often need to be renewed annually. A simple Google search of “business license” + your state should give you more specific information on the requirements in your area.

Food Service License

One key license in our business is the food service license, which allows you to prepare and serve food from your sandwich shop. When you apply for your license, you can expect a visit from your local health department. They will inspect your restaurant to ensure that it is clean and safe. Once this is done, you can look forward to future visits from the health department in order to maintain your license. At Jon Smith Subs, cleanliness is one of our core values. Following the procedures we’ve developed will help ensure that you’re able to earn and keep your food service license.

Sign Permit

Every business needs to advertise itself, so a sign permit is key. Before you can put up signage on your brand new location, you’ll need to get the approval of your local authorities. They will want to know all about the size and type of sign you’ll be putting up, and you’ll need a sign permit in order to proceed.

These are just a few of the licenses and permits you’ll need to get before your new sandwich shop can open for business. At Jon Smith Subs, we have 30 years of experience dealing with a variety licenses and can help you complete all the necessary steps to get your business up and running.

If you’d like to learn more about how Jon Smith Subs can help jump start your new sandwich shop business, give us a call today at 1-888-978-3171 or visit us online at https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com.

How to Start a Sandwich Shop of Your Own

If you’ve been paying attention to trends in the restaurant industry, you already know that sandwich shops are a popular option for customers who are looking for quick and fresh meals on the go. Wondering how to start a sandwich shop of your own? You’re in the right place.

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Franchising or Starting From Scratch?

The first decision you will need to make is what kind of business model you’d like to develop. Would you rather start your own sandwich shop from scratch, or franchise with a larger brand? While both of these options have their advantages, franchising with a larger brand like Jon Smith Subs means valuable support for you. We have the experience and the resources to help you get your location started strong, and can help you tackle any challenges that may arise as you go through the process of opening your store.

Choosing a Franchise

If you choose to franchise rather than open a new business from scratch, there are many brands for you to choose from. Do some careful research to learn about the investment required for each, what type of training and support you can expect, and what kind of brand recognition you can count on. When you become a franchisee, the reputation of the larger brand will influence your location. At Jon Smith Subs, we’ve built a reputation for quality and cleanliness since 1988 that we are proud to share with our franchisees. Customers know that when they decide to eat at one off our restaurants, they can expect quality ingredients and great service that can’t be matched.

Choosing a Location

Location is key in the restaurant business, and choosing the location of your new sandwich shop is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. No matter where you’re opening your sandwich shop, you’ll want to make sure that it is centrally located so customers can easily stop in. When you choose to franchise with Jon Smith Subs, part of the support we are proud to offer is helping you to choose a location. We’ve conducted extensive research on target markets and can help you decide on the best possible spot for your sandwich shop to open.

These are just a few tips on how to get started opening your own sandwich shop. If you’d like to learn more about franchising with Jon Smith Subs, we can give you even more information. Give us a call today at 1-888-978-3171 or visit us online at https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com to learn more.

Why Jon Smith Subs Is One of the Top Sub Sandwich Franchises in America

If you are thinking of opening a sandwich shop, you’ve come to the right place. At Jon Smith Subs, we take franchising as seriously as we take our sandwiches. This post will talk about a few of the many reasons why Jon Smith Subs is a cut above the competition. These are important points for you to consider as you go about learning how to open a small sandwich shop.

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Our Menu Is Top-Notch

If you’re thinking of starting your own sandwich shop, the first thing you should consider is the product you will be selling. At Jon Smith Subs, our sandwiches are beloved among our customers because of the attention to quality we give to each of our subs. Our marinated steak is grilled to order, all of our vegetables are fresh and cut daily, and our breads are all fresh-baked.

When you eat at Jon Smith Subs, you will definitely taste the difference when it comes to the ingredients we use. In addition, while some of our competition doesn’t offer much in the way of side dishes, we are proud to serve fries at our restaurant. We’ve found that one of our subs with a side of fries is a truly satisfying meal. While some of our competitors might be tempted to save time by taking shortcuts, at Jon Smith Subs, we pride ourselves on putting quality first.

Our Restaurants Are Clean and Comfortable

Another important point to keep in mind as you research how to open a sandwich shop is the atmosphere you want to cultivate in your restaurant. At Jon Smith Subs, our restaurants are all cleaned systematically every day from front to back, ensuring that our customers can enjoy their subs in a safe and comfortable environment.

Another way we help to keep our customers comfortable is by bringing their food right to their table rather than calling them up to the counter when their order is ready. This attention to customer service has helped Jon Smith Subs develop a reputation as a quality restaurant ideal for a relaxing meal.

Learn More about Opening a Sandwich Shop

If you’d like to learn more about what sets Jon Smith Subs apart, visit our website at https://jonsmithsubsfranchise.com. Our franchise page and our blog contain helpful information for new franchisees who are thinking of opening a sandwich shop. You can also give us a call at 1-888-978-3171. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!

What’s It Like Running a Fast Casual Restaurant?

The restaurant industry is a multi-billion dollar one and is definitely a great investment, but what does it mean to quit your nine to five job and become a franchise owner in this industry?

Luckily, we’ve laid out on the table what to expect when you become a franchisee of a Jon Smith Subs franchise so you’re not faced with unexpected surprises. Some of the benefits you can expect when you invest with us include brand recognition and training. But that’s definitely not all you should be prepared for. Here is what you can expect:

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Customer Satisfaction Is a Priority

People love quality food, fast. Because of this, fast casual restaurants are a large sector of the restaurant industry. As a result, more and more competition is emerging and making it difficult to open a fast casual restaurant from scratch. Customers are more likely to choose a brand they already know has good quality food and service, and very rarely want to venture elsewhere and risk having an unsatisfactory meal or experience.

This is why more entrepreneurs are investing in franchises. Brand recognition is imperative in the restaurant industry, and the best way to get your name out there is by having one that customers already know and trust. At Jon Smith Subs, we make customer satisfaction a priority all across the board so no matter which franchise our customers visit, they’ll receive an exceptional customer experience.

Not only do we put a big focus on our customers, but we put a focus on our franchisees as well. Here is what you can get when you invest in a Jon Smith Subs.

The Benefits of Investing in a Jon Smith Subs Franchise

With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you can get a lot out of the investment. We have a turnkey business model that is designed with the franchisee in mind. By investing in a franchise, it eliminates any surprise costs that may come with opening up your own restaurant from scratch. In addition, we already have an established brand that customers recognize and trust, eliminating the need to build up a brand name on your own.

There are many other benefits that come out of a Jon Smith Subs franchise, including training, support, and the backing of an experienced franchisor that does everything in their power to steer you in the right direction. Jon Smith Subs trains all franchisees in an extensive program followed by an on-site training in your own franchise. Once you are established in your franchise, Jon Smith Subs offers additional support to help guide you through the ins and outs of the industry.

If you are interested in learning more information about investing in a franchise as opposed to running a fast casual restaurant, check out our resource library!

Starting a Fast Casual Restaurant: Franchise or Owned?

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are a great opportunity to become a part of, especially when the industry is booming like never before. However, with so much competition, starting your own business from scratch can be tricky, but luckily, alternative options such as franchise opportunities make owning a fast casual restaurant even easier. With Jon Smith Subs, for example, franchises have a lot of benefits that owning your own fast casual restaurant may not have. Here is why owning sandwich shop franchises is better than owning a business.

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It’s Affordable

If you were to open your own fast casual restaurant, the cost could vary astronomically as you try to make it a success. Not only will you possibly have to face unexpected costs and fees by starting from scratch, but you might also run into unforeseen problems that could break your business.

On the contrary, with a franchise, your investment will provide everything you need to get started from equipment to real estate and everything in between. Some QSRs such as Jon Smith Subs offer a turnkey investment, listing all the expected costs upfront so you won’t be taken by surprise.

In addition, with a Jon Smith Subs franchise, there are financing options available to franchisees if they cannot afford the total investment. We give more information about these options when you contact us to begin the process.

Customers Will Know Who You Are

One of the perks of investing in a franchise is having brand recognition from the get-go. The franchisor has already built a recognizable and trusted brand, which is something you benefit from when you invest. With a quality QSR like Jon Smith Subs, people nationwide will know who you are and the standard that you withhold, so take advantage of our nationwide and global opportunities.

You Will Know the Ins and Outs of Your QSR

One of the biggest benefits of opening a fast casual franchise is that the franchisor most likely offers some form of training about your products, your business, and the industry. Jon Smith Subs goes beyond what other QSRs do in terms of training. We require franchisees to attend an interactive program at our headquarters in Florida. Following this traditional training, we then have on-site training at your very own franchise to make sure you are ready to begin your Jon Smith Subs journey.

Your Franchisor Will Always Have Your Back

Following your training and the opening of your Jon Smith Subs, know that we are always available for support when you need it so you are never left in the dark. We strive to make sure our franchisees have everything they need to own and operate their quick service restaurant.

For more information on how to get started with our franchise, contact us or download our e-books.

Higher Quality. Bigger Portions. Better Subs. The John Smith Subs Difference

The restaurant sector of the franchise industry is rapidly growing, and there are many reasons why. When looking for the right restaurant franchise to invest in, evaluating the quality of the product is important. Here is why Jon Smith Subs is different and why this restaurant franchise is growing at a rapid rate.

Unique Dining Experience

For nearly 30 years, Jon Smith Subs has been delivering quality food in a fast-casual setting that is very attractive to customers. Retention is a big part of the success of Jon Smith Subs franchises because the subs are better, the portions are larger, and the service is greater than any other brand.

We have items on our menu that are exclusive to Jon Smith Subs that cannot be found anywhere else or replicated. In addition, our ingredients are real and fresh, items are cooked-to-order, the meats are marinated, we offer a variety of cheeses and condiments, and our bread is baked fresh. Customers come to Jon Smith Subs over other fast-casual restaurants because the Jon Smith Subs difference is obvious.

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Trained Franchisees

Jon Smith Subs franchisees have all entered into the industry eager to learn and excited about the brand. They are all trained in an educational two-week program at the headquarters in Florida, and then afterwards there is onsite training in the Jon Smith Subs location! By having solidified training for all franchisees, they can be assured that they are receiving the best education about their franchise, and customers can be guaranteed similar service and satisfaction regardless of what Jon Smith Subs franchise they go to.

In addition to the training, Jon Smith Subs stands by the franchisees with ongoing support to assure that they provide the best service to the customers. This way any questions or concerns can be immediately addressed and resolved.

Target Markets

Jon Smith Subs has strategically determined key territories for potential franchises so franchisees don’t have to. With these target markets, franchisees are given access to territories where there will be more potential customers. This provides convenience to both franchisees and customers who love Jon Smith Subs.

Restaurant franchises make up a large portion of the industry, and it can be hard to find the right one to invest in. However, franchises like Jon Smith Subs are different. We put customers and franchisees first to ensure quality and growth. By doing so, our products are better and our franchisee satisfaction is extraordinary.

If you are interested in learning more about Jon Smith Subs franchises, download our e-books or contact us today!

Don’t Believe What You Hear: There Is Not as Much Risk as You Think

There are countless myths about opening a small business and how risky it is. These are only MYTHS. It is always risky when opening a business, no matter how big or small, and here are the facts about opening a small business and how successful you actually can be.

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The Statistics of Small Businesses

According to Fundera, a news website for small businesses, small businesses make up about 99.7% of businesses in America. That equals about 28.8 million small businesses nationwide.

How can these numbers be true if opening a small business is so risky? Fundera explains, “About two-thirds of businesses survive 2 years in business, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and one-third will survive 10. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is to stay in business—it’s those first few years that are the hardest.”

If the concept and the market align correctly, small businesses can be successful. If a small, no name sub shop opens next to a franchise like Jon Smith Subs, it will be harder for that small business to see success because they are competing with not only another sub shop, but a well-known brand. Two big portions of small businesses being successful or not is its location and if there is an ample market in the area they are established in.

Rumors of Small Businesses

Small businesses do not necessarily fail due to lack of business. A lot of the reasons why they just don’t make it has to do with cash flow problems. According to Fundera, 86% of closed small businesses failed because of this problem. This can result not only from cash going in and out, but more importantly is a result of a lack of time management and aligning when money should be coming in with the money going out.

A myth about the restaurant industry that is often thrown around is that within the first year, 60% of new restaurants close. This is not true, Fundera found that this has been construed from the original fact: that 60% of restaurants close within the first three years. Despite this fact not exactly being true, the restaurant industry is still one of the riskier small businesses to open. An alternative option to opening a new restaurant would be to invest in a franchise, which offers more security, a well-known brand name and room for success.

There isn’t as much risk as people think when it comes to starting a small business. There is a lot that factors in to be successful, but, according to the statistics, small businesses are very successful and make up the majority of American businesses. The first years may be difficult, and there is constant risk of sinking or swimming, but taking the proper precautions can lead to profit and success.

If you still have fears about starting a business on your own, there are always other options. Franchises always provide plenty of opportunities as well as training, support, and a recognizable brand name. If you are interested in learning more about other options, download this guide.

Costs to Examine When Franchising Is on the Mind

It’s not an uncommon dream to be your own boss. But if you’re exploring how to open a business or whether to invest in a franchise, one of the most important factors to consider is the money. So how much does it cost to open a franchise?

There isn’t one perfectly defined answer, or even a general ballpark, because the costs depend on a variety of factors, the most important of which are your industry and location.

Most franchises have general investment information right on their website to at least give you an idea of how much money you’ll need. Some require your net worth to be a certain figure, while others want you to have a certain amount of liquid capital.

For the Average Joe looking to shift directions toward franchising, however, you’ll likely require financing to cover the costs and eventually will have to leave your current full-time job – meaning your known source of income suddenly disappears.

With that knowledge comes a need for preparation: Not only for financing and repaying those bill, but for having enough money saved to maintain your living costs until you start generating revenue again.

Here’s a closer look at what the cost of opening a franchise might look like.

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Invest in a Franchise: Franchise Fee

This is your payment to the franchisor for the rights to open one of their stores. This often ranges between $50,000 and $100,000 and upwards, but can be lower for very small companies and much larger for the giants of the industry. The cost is typically listed separately, but is usually included in the “total investment” number potential franchisees are given.

To invest in Jon Smith Subs franchise, we charge a modest $29,500 franchise fee.

Liquid Capital

These are simply assets that are readily convertible to cash, like stocks, bonds, or other savings. We require liquid capital of approximately $150,000.

Total Investment

This is how much you’re projected to need to open your new franchise unit. This number usually includes the projected cost of real estate, equipment, your franchise fee, and operating costs for the first three-plus months of business. We estimate investors will need between $250,000 and $400,000.


If you’re trying to calculate your projected profit, you’ll need to be sure to discount any royalties. These are monthly payments made to your franchisor, and typically are a small percentage of your total sales. Our royalty rate is 6%.

Personal Savings

More often than not, franchisees quit their jobs to become business owners. But by doing so, as we mentioned above, you’re cutting off your income. It’s prudent to understand that your business isn’t going to start profiting on Day 1, and could take an extended period of time to start making a profit, let alone one that is equal to what you were previously making. Before taking the leap and storming into the office with your resignation letter, it’s important to pay off any debt, loans, and outstanding bills. Then, calculate your cost of living and budget enough savings to use for at least a year or more to be safe.

Interested in learning more about an investment in Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today to speak with a franchise consultant.