Making the time and financial investment to launch a franchise is only part of the process of getting your new business off the ground. Selecting the right territory to open your franchise is critical for starting a business venture. The Jon Smith Subs team works alongside each franchisee to identify the territory that offers the most potential for their sandwich shop franchise opportunity.

As your franchisor, we at Jon Smith Subs take the territory selection process very seriously and do our due diligence with our research. We know as well as anyone in the industry that a significant factor in a fast-casual restaurant’s success is finding the right community to open a franchise that allows you to build a large and loyal customer base. Together, we can establish your location as the go-to destination for local customers in search of a fast-casual eatery.

Our Territory Selection Process

Once you agree to open a Jon Smith Subs franchise, our corporate team helps you identify potential territories to consider. The region you operate in with us will offer consumer demand for hot, fresh subs and continued profit potential for your Jon Smith Subs franchise. The selected territory will give you ample opportunity to grow your reputation within your community and align with the personal and professional goals that you envisioned when launching a Jon Smith Subs franchise store.

We also identify any existing competition in the area and help build protections for your franchise to give you a better chance of success. As a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you will have the creative freedom and franchisor backing you need to stand out from other foodservice options in the community. This includes menu customization to offer region-specific servings that satisfy the tastes craved by local consumers.

Markets with Growth Potential

With the continued growth of the fast-casual restaurant industry indicating that the fantastic opportunity in the market is likely to remain, more target markets are consistently emerging for sub shop franchise opportunities. By choosing to franchise with Jon Smith Subs, our corporate team can help you establish your location in these rapidly growing areas before most other fast-casual restaurant competitors emerge.

Even after successfully starting your first franchise, there are plenty of opportunities to expand into other territories to continue building on your success as a Jon Smith Subs franchisee. We are more than happy to help those who are looking to expand with multi-unit sub sandwich franchise opportunities in different territories. When starting new locations, you’ll be able to apply what you learned from your previous experience owning a Jon Smith Subs franchise while also connecting with customers in a new area and understanding what makes them unique.

If you are ready to build a profitable fast-casual restaurant franchise with a franchisor who will identify top markets to enter and help with future expansion efforts, the Jon Smith Subs team is ready to partner with you!

Find the ideal territory for your next business venture by reaching out to the team at Jon Smith Subs on our website!