Rather than attempting to go it alone against these challenges, shrewd entrepreneurs will find that franchising with a top brand like Jon Smith Subs could turn their business into one of the top sub franchises around. Through our decades of servicing satisfied customers, the Jon Smith Subs brand name has evolved to offer numerous key advantages for the franchisees that operate their fast-casual restaurant business under it.

Fresh Ingredients Help Us Stand Out With Consumers

Throughout our 30+ years of business, Jon Smith Subs has built our reputation on the high-quality subs we make for customers and the attractive business venture that we provide for our franchisees. While other competitors portray themselves as authentic establishments, they often use pre-packaged and prepared ingredients that could certainly be described as less than fresh. This method adopted by our competitors to meet their production goals sacrifices the quality of their products and, favorably, creates an opportunity for a Jon Smith Subs to step in to fill a void by offering customers the freshly prepared menu items they prefer.

At Jon Smith Subs, our innovative and unique values differentiate us from others in the industry and allow our franchisees to mold their location into one of the top sandwich franchises for customers to frequent. We decline to microwave, steam, or otherwise re-heat pre-cooked meat or serve preserved vegetables, whicConsumers have an almost unlimited set of options to choose from within the fast-casual restaurant industry, due in no small part to the profit potential that exists within the space. New entrants into the market, however, face a massive disadvantage compared to the other more established competitors who have been cultivating their brand recognition and customer base for a greater period of time.

h several others in the industry prefer to do in an effort to cut corners and save money.

Each Jon Smith Subs franchise location emphasizes the importance of using only the freshest ingredients and preparing each order as it happens, rather than the traditional methods that focus on producing as many orders as quickly as possible. Our franchise stores are supplied with farm-fresh vegetables and possess the tools to store and refrigerate all of their ingredients properly. Jon Smith Subs allows our franchisees the creative freedom to customize their menus to the unique tastes of their local community by offering customers the familiar flavors of the region they are accustomed to.

Business Partnerships to Take You to The Next Level

Jon Smith Subs is a member of United Franchise Group (UFG) brand family, allowing us to form strategic partnerships with other UFG franchise brands. These partnerships can help provide your Jon Smith Subs location with valuable business resources and insights, such as promotional products and examples of services that you can offer within your franchise.

Additionally, the Jon Smith Subs team will identify any competitors in your territory to give your franchise as much protection as we can offer. We’ll also assist your location through our marketing efforts to attract customers to your store.

Through these competitive advantages, Jon Smith Subs franchisees can gain easier entry into their local markets, draw greater demand from consumers, and build the best sandwich franchises for themselves and their community!

Contact the Jon Smith Subs team today, and we’ll illustrate how our competitive advantages extend to each of our franchisees.