Jon Smith Subs has a proven track record of serving high-quality subs, right off the grill. Our unique fast-casual sub shop franchise gives customers the thrill of the grill brought right to the table. We’re committed to providing customized, superior subs and the best fries to make a customer for life.

We may have updated our branding recently, but one thing that will never change is our commitment to quality. As Jon Smith Subs continues to expand into more markets, we’re looking for franchisees to spread the word about our extraordinary subs.

Our Commitment

The Jon Smith difference is the quality and diversity of our menu. We’re a local sandwich shop with menu items customers can’t find elsewhere, and quality they can taste.

Our sub shops have the freshest ingredients available. We cut the finest farm-fresh vegetables every day, and don’t place our ingredients out on display all day. We do not microwave, steam, pre-cook, pre-heat, pre-slice, dehydrate, or otherwise preserve any ingredients.

This means no flap steak, beef knuckles, preserved meats, preserved vegetables, pre-cooked chicken, dehydrated onions, gassed tomatoes, tuna helper, turkey roll, or bologna. Our steak is sirloin, and our chicken is all white breast meat. There’s no shortcuts or baloney here!

Freshness & Quality

We’re a sub shop franchise that stands out for quality and freshness. We prepare everything we serve in each store, every day. Our vegetables stay cool and crisp, and we use just the grill to make the best subs for our customers.

In addition to our customer’s favorites, Jon Smith Subs is unique in that we offer customized regional menu items. Our regional teams work to develop regional flavors, like a Po Boy in Louisiana or Lobster Roll in Boston. Fresh is best, and the best way to get the freshest flavor is to find what’s local.

We Beat the Competition Every Time

When considering our franchise opportunity, we ask if there are other fast food or sandwich restaurants already open in the area you’re considering. Will you be competing for the same customers? Or do they cater to a different clientele?

Jon Smith Subs has an exemplary franchise development to assist you every step of the way. We’ll help with your location search and tried and true marketing practices. We want our food to be great, so we strive to be better than the quick service restaurant on every corner and deliver the freshest ingredients.

Flexible Franchise Opportunity

While some believe that franchising doesn’t provide owners with much freedom to run their business in the way they see fit, that’s not the case with Jon Smith Subs. We’ve developed our systems and processes to help franchisees save time and money in the long run, giving them more freedom.

At Jon Smith Subs, our goal is your success. Our highly efficient business model was developed based on decades in the industry. We’ve made it simple for even newcomers to the quick service restaurant scene to master and implement. We also provide comprehensive, two-week training at our corporate headquarters, grand opening preparations, ongoing support, access to our online training and refresher materials, and much more.

We do not require franchise owners to have prior restaurant or food industry experience. Our turnkey investment is designed to get you up to speed quickly with all of the tools and resources you need to start and stay strong.

Join Jon Smith Subs for a sub shop franchise opportunity that brings a commitment to fresh food and flexibility.

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