Jon Smith Subs has built our strong reputation on what we do best: serving delicious subs made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. Our renowned sub-making skills are not the only part of our origin that we’ve continued to carry on through each of our franchises.

Our founder Jon Smith began his journey in 1988 when he took over his first sub shops and overhauled the entire business operations and menu. He found great success in connecting with customers searching for a casual restaurant experience offering tasty items on its menu. Jon was able to use the significant earnings from his sub stores to launch other business ventures and pursue personal passions that gave him even more of what he was looking for in his life.

We aim to bring these same benefits to each of our Jon Smith Subs franchisees, so they can make the most of their investment the same way that Jon did. The commitment that you make with your investment as a franchise owner deserves an equal amount of dedication from your franchisor in making your business succeed, something Jon Smith Subs is committed to providing in return.

Jon Smith Subs: Our Mission and History

Due to the growth potential within the fast-casual restaurant industry, many entrepreneurs are evaluating the opportunity to open and get involved with a business venture of their own. However, some are hesitant to fully “leap in” and commit to starting their own small business. The fast-casual food industry is very competitive, making it difficult to stand out without an established name and presence.

If you’re considering getting involved, but are uncertain of if you should choose to open a sandwich shop, Jon Smith Subs franchise can help you overcome that obstacle by offering you the opportunity to work in an intriguing industry with a franchisor that can guide you in your efforts.

To paint a better picture of what makes a Jon Smith Subs franchise a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs in the fast-casual food space, we have identified the benefits of franchising as a member of the Jon Smith Subs family. Also, we noted the differences between a fast-casual restaurant franchise and starting your own traditional small business in the industry. As we outline the investment a Jon Smith Subs franchise typically requires, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you receive from us as a franchisee by investing in a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs.

Jon Smith Subs Help New Franchises Get Started

An entrepreneur running a typical small business will encounter many more obstacles in the fast-casual restaurant industry than they would as a franchisee with a reliable franchisor to support them. With this partnership, your location can leverage several advantages as a franchise that it would not otherwise enjoy under another business model.

With Jon Smith Subs specifically, we enable our franchisees to become leaders in the fast-casual dining space through our established brand identity, training and support programs, and flexibility to achieve personal goals. With over three decades of successful business backing us, we know what it takes to attract customers in your area and satisfy their craving for made-to-order subs with fresh ingredients.

Our training program begins with new franchisees visiting our Florida headquarters to become fully prepared for their location’s grand opening. The support from the Jon Smith Subs corporate team does not stop once your doors have opened for business but instead remains ongoing as your business remains in operation. We pride ourselves on allowing franchisees to gain the flexibility they seek from their professional careers and utilize what they gain from their Jon Smith Subs franchise to accomplish personal goals and ambitions.

A Sub Shop Franchise That Can Make an Impact

When first considering starting a new business venture, many people think that operating a business means that they have to handle everything on their own. This is not the case with franchising, particularly if the entrepreneur partners with a franchisor who is experienced in positioning franchisees in a solid position to succeed. With Jon Smith Subs, franchisees have a pathway to making an impact on their team members, consumers in their community, and on the industry itself by utilizing our established brand name and proven resources to build their business vision.

As with any business venture, a Jon Smith Subs franchise requires a certain level of investment to make it a success. The sandwich shop franchise costs at Jon Smith Subs include a starting liquid capital of $150,000, a total investment of between $300,000 and $600,000, and a royalty fee of 6%. These investment costs directly cover the resources your Jon Smith Subs location will need, including real estate and building expenses, training, marketing materials, and community outreach efforts, and much more!

With your entrepreneurial spirit, a Jon Smith Subs franchise can help you surpass the limits associated with starting a sandwich business that follows the traditional small business model. We’re committed to proving that a Jon Smith Subs franchise is the right fit for motivated entrepreneurs like you.

What Makes Jon Smith Subs Different From the Competition

Consumers have an almost unlimited set of options to choose from within the fast-casual restaurant industry, due in no small part to the profit potential that exists within the space. New entrants into the market, however, face a massive disadvantage compared to the other more established competitors who have been cultivating their brand recognition and customer base for a greater period of time. Rather than attempting to go it alone against these challenges, shrewd entrepreneurs will find that franchising with a top brand like Jon Smith Subs could turn their business into one of the top sub franchises around.

Throughout our 30+ years of business, Jon Smith Subs has built our reputation on the high-quality subs we make for customers and the attractive business venture that we provide for our franchisees. While other competitors portray themselves as authentic establishments, they often use pre-packaged and prepared ingredients that could certainly be described as “less than fresh.” At Jon Smith Subs, our innovative and unique values differentiate us from others in the industry and allow our franchisees to mold their location into one of the top sandwich franchises for customers to frequent.

Each Jon Smith Subs franchise location emphasizes the importance of using only the freshest ingredients and preparing each order as it happens, rather than the traditional methods that focus on producing as many orders as quickly as possible. This mindset from our competitors sacrifices the quality of their products to meet their production goals and creates a void that customers are eager for another company like Jon Smith Subs to fill.

We also tailor our menus to the unique tastes of our customers by fulfilling their desire for the familiar taste of regional flavors, with local favorites like The Gator, Hot Cajun, and The Cuban. Jon Smith Subs also is a member of the United Franchise Group (UFG) brand family, allowing us to form strategic partnerships with other UFG franchise brands. These partnerships can help provide your Jon Smith Subs location with valuable business resources and insights, such as promotional products and examples of services that you can offer within your franchise.

As a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you’ll be equipped with the resources and reputation needed to stand out amongst the best sandwich franchises in the minds of customers.

We Help Your Franchise Innovate

Innovation is a factor of high importance for just about any business venture, regardless of industry. This remains particularly true for sandwich shops in the fast-casual restaurant industry, like Jon Smith Subs. Our sandwich shop franchise support has been built through some of the most comprehensive systems available to entrepreneurs in the industry.

Our founder and namesake, Jon Smith, opened his first locations in 1988 after purchasing two stores that had struggled to turn a profit under their previous ownership. Over time, the number of stores and team members has grown as the Jon Smith Subs brand has become known for its ability to adapt to the changes the industry and larger economic market have seen.

As we have grown more experienced in launching Jon Smith Subs franchises, we have steadily added to our deep library of resources for entrepreneurs starting a sandwich shop with us. Our training for new franchise owners begins by bringing them to our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL, where they go through the initial two-week process. Once the franchise owner returns to their territory, they receive additional training at their location and have access to a marketing team who help prepare for the grand opening. Even after opening their doors, franchisees can stay in contact with the Jon Smith Subs corporate team if they encounter any obstacles that may not have been addressed in the initial training. We also help build each franchise’s customer base with marketing efforts tailored to the specific demographics in your territory.

With the amount of time we have spent in the fast-casual dining “game,” you could say we’ve seen a thing or two at Jon Smith Subs. Innovation has had to become a top priority for us in order to continue building our brand through the success of our franchise locations. This same innovation has shaped the sandwich shop franchise support that puts each Jon Smith Subs franchisee in a position to achieve their professional and personal ambitions.

As a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you can buy into an opportunity to become a leading innovator in the fast-casual restaurant industry. With the Jon Smith Subs corporate team by your side as your franchisor, you won’t be alone in your pursuit to make this vision a reality while working to achieve your other personal and professional goals.

We Offer Great Opportunities in Many Territories

Making the time and financial investment to launch a franchise is only part of the process of actually getting your new business off the ground. Selecting the right territory to open your franchise is critical for starting a business venture. At Jon Smith Subs, we work hand in hand with you to find the right community to open your franchise in and build a large and loyal customer base.

Once you agree to open a Jon Smith Subs franchise, our corporate team helps you identify potential territories to move into. The region you operate in with us will offer consumer demand for hot, fresh subs and continued profit potential for your Jon Smith Subs franchise. We also identify any existing competition that is already in the area and help build protections for your franchise to give you a better chance of success.

With the continued growth of the fast-casual restaurant industry indicating that the fantastic opportunity in the market is likely to remain, more target markets are consistently emerging for opportunities. Even after successfully starting your first franchise, there are plenty of opportunities to expand into other territories to continue building on your success as a Jon Smith Subs franchisee. We are more than happy to help those who are looking to expand with multi-unit opportunities in different territories.

If you are ready to build a fast-casual restaurant franchise with a franchisor who will identify top markets to enter and help with future expansion efforts, the Jon Smith Subs team is ready to partner with you!