Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are a great opportunity to become a part of, especially when the industry is booming like never before. However, with so much competition, starting your own business from scratch can be tricky, but luckily, alternative options such as franchise opportunities make owning a fast casual restaurant even easier. With Jon Smith Subs, for example, franchises have a lot of benefits that owning your own fast casual restaurant may not have. Here is why owning sandwich shop franchises is better than owning a business.

It’s Affordable

If you were to open your own fast casual restaurant, the cost could vary astronomically as you try to make it a success. Not only will you possibly have to face unexpected costs and fees by starting from scratch, but you might also run into unforeseen problems that could break your business.

On the contrary, with a franchise, your investment will provide everything you need to get started from equipment to real estate and everything in between. Some QSRs such as Jon Smith Subs offer a turnkey investment, listing all the expected costs upfront so you won’t be taken by surprise.

In addition, with a Jon Smith Subs franchise, there are financing options available to franchisees if they cannot afford the total investment. We give more information about these options when you contact us to begin the process.

Customers Will Know Who You Are

One of the perks of investing in a franchise is having brand recognition from the get-go. The franchisor has already built a recognizable and trusted brand, which is something you benefit from when you invest. With a quality QSR like Jon Smith Subs, people nationwide will know who you are and the standard that you withhold, so take advantage of our nationwide and global opportunities.

You Will Know the Ins and Outs of Your QSR

One of the biggest benefits of opening a fast casual franchise is that the franchisor most likely offers some form of training about your products, your business, and the industry. Jon Smith Subs goes beyond what other QSRs do in terms of training. We require franchisees to attend an interactive program at our headquarters in Florida. Following this traditional training, we then have on-site training at your very own franchise to make sure you are ready to begin your Jon Smith Subs journey.

Your Franchisor Will Always Have Your Back

Following your training and the opening of your Jon Smith Subs, know that we are always available for support when you need it so you are never left in the dark. We strive to make sure our franchisees have everything they need to own and operate their quick service restaurant.

For more information on how to get started with our franchise, contact us or download our e-books.

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