If you’re considering sub franchises as your next business venture, you’re probably crunching the numbers and doing research trying to figure out which is the best. Here at Jon Smith Subs, we think the answer is pretty clear.

Jon Smith Subs was founded by Jon Smith in 1988 and has grown to over 20 locations across the United States. Our story started with mouth-watering sirloin steak and chicken breast trimmed, sliced, seasoned, marinated and grilled to order – both items are still available on our menus nationwide and are prepared exactly the same way as they were in those early days in Palm Beach County. But we’ve got so much more to offer, beyond our expertly prepared sandwiches made with the freshest ingredients.

Here are a few other things that make Jon Smith Subs the easy choice when it comes to sub franchises.

A Great Customer Experience, Start to Finish

What makes the Jon Smith Subs experience so special? Unlike many other sub franchises, we offer table service, bringing our customers’ food right to their table. We’re still considered a fast casual restaurant, providing our customers with a warm, friendly environment that keeps them coming back time and time again. Our employees are committed to quality, from the way we prepare everything we serve fresh daily to the high level of customer service we offer in each and every location.

Unique Menu

Of course our steak and chicken subs are some of our most popular items to this day, but did you know Jon Smith Subs fries were recently voted #1 in Palm Beach County? We also offer fun flavor pairings on our grilled specialties menu, which includes everything from “The Gator – Eat It Before It Eats You” (steak, chicken, and kielbasa with our “swamp sauce”) to our “bomb” variations (choice of meat with grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes and provolone). One thing’s for sure: Jon Smith Subs is not your average sandwich shop.

Delicious, High Quality Food

The Jon Smith Subs difference is in our high quality, fresh ingredients – no junk. Our food is grilled to order and served piping hot, the way people want it! All of our stores operate at the highest level of service offering farm-fresh vegetables, kept cool and crisp, and delicious breads that are baked daily. Unlike other sub franchises that might use microwaves to warm their meats and preserved vegetables to save on costs, we’re doing things the same way Jon Smith did when he opened his original shop in 1988. It’s no wonder our customers rave about our delicious, top-quality food (at an amazing price, to boot).

Backing by The United Franchise Group

What could make the Jon Smith Subs franchise experience even better? The United Franchise Group (UFG), a worldwide organization that is home to some of the world’s most successful franchise brands. From training to ongoing support, as a franchisee of Jon Smith Subs you will benefit from the UFG’s thirty-plus years in the franchise industry. Whether you are a seasoned business owner or you are new to franchising, you can take comfort knowing you’re in great company with the UFG behind you.

Want to learn more about what makes Jon Smith Subs a smart investment? Download our free informational brochure and take the first step on your franchise journey today.