Despite recent market growth and the rise in popularity among consumers for the traditional fast-food establishments and the newer fast-casual dining experience, some people still cannot firmly articulate the difference between the two. Jon Smith Subs franchises are leading the charge in the sandwich shop industry to eliminate this association and definitively establish the fast-casual restaurant model as the preferred model for franchise owners, employees, and customers alike.

A fast-casual restaurant differs from its fast food counterparts through its offerings of fresher ingredients, higher quality products, more expansive menus, and the relaxed environment within the restaurant. Compare this to the typical fast-food business, which often features: a constricted amount of menu items that are rarely fresh and healthy, a less welcoming atmosphere within the store due to a reliance on drive-thru transactions, and a work environment that puts significant emphasis on maintaining a fast pace of service, which can easily lead to low employee morale and dissatisfied customers. It’s no wonder that fast-casual businesses have made up so much ground on the fast-food chains within the past few years.

What Sets Jon Smith Subs Apart

Even amongst the high standards that most in the sandwich industry set for themselves and are held to by their customers, Jon Smith Subs exceeds these expectations. Our ability to do so stems from our commitment to building each franchise into the best fast-casual dining experience for team members and the customers they serve alike.

This begins with our focus on providing customers with the menu items they crave and struggle to find anywhere else – especially near them. We craft our servings with freshly prepared ingredients that drive any comparisons to the typical fast-food taste from the minds of each customer who stops by their local Jon Smith Subs location. The Jon Smith Subs atmosphere can rarely be matched, as each cooked-to-order meal is delivered tableside, rather than tossed in a bag and handed out a window as the customer is shooed away for the next in line to inch forward.

The high level of service instilled in each Jon Smith Subs franchise does not simply appear overnight. We are diligent in our efforts to identify leading franchisee candidates who take pride in their work, their role as a business leader, and their ability to grow alongside the Jon Smith Subs brand name. Our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, hosts the initial training that prepares these new franchise owners for their business venture with us.

Over our three decades of business, we’ve enabled franchisees of diverse backgrounds – including sub sandwich industry veterans, those who started with us as entry-level employees, and first-time business owners – to reach the heights that they’ve always dreamed of for their professional careers. A Jon Smith Subs franchise also offers the flexibility to balance financial ambitions, such as pursuing multi-unit opportunities with us, and personal responsibilities, including building a family legacy and giving back to your local community.

At Jon Smith Subs, we’re determined to prove to potential franchisees like you that we have what it takes to stand out from the crowd and make the most of what you put into it. It’s just part of what makes a Jon Smith Subs franchise such an intelligent investment.

Discover the unique aspects that will put a Jon Smith Subs franchise at the front of your community’s mind by reaching out to us today!