The restaurant industry is a multi-billion dollar one and is definitely a great investment, but what does it mean to quit your nine to five job and become a franchise owner in this industry?

Luckily, we’ve laid out on the table what to expect when you become a franchisee of a Jon Smith Subs franchise so you’re not faced with unexpected surprises. Some of the benefits you can expect when you invest with us include brand recognition and training. But that’s definitely not all you should be prepared for. Here is what you can expect:

Customer Satisfaction Is a Priority

People love quality food, fast. Because of this, fast casual restaurants are a large sector of the restaurant industry. As a result, more and more competition is emerging and making it difficult to open a fast casual restaurant from scratch. Customers are more likely to choose a brand they already know has good quality food and service, and very rarely want to venture elsewhere and risk having an unsatisfactory meal or experience.

This is why more entrepreneurs are investing in franchises. Brand recognition is imperative in the restaurant industry, and the best way to get your name out there is by having one that customers already know and trust. At Jon Smith Subs, we make customer satisfaction a priority all across the board so no matter which franchise our customers visit, they’ll receive an exceptional customer experience.

Not only do we put a big focus on our customers, but we put a focus on our franchisees as well. Here is what you can get when you invest in a Jon Smith Subs.

The Benefits of Investing in a Jon Smith Subs Franchise

With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you can get a lot out of the investment. We have a turnkey business model that is designed with the franchisee in mind. By investing in a franchise, it eliminates any surprise costs that may come with opening up your own restaurant from scratch. In addition, we already have an established brand that customers recognize and trust, eliminating the need to build up a brand name on your own.

There are many other benefits that come out of a Jon Smith Subs franchise, including training, support, and the backing of an experienced franchisor that does everything in their power to steer you in the right direction. Jon Smith Subs trains all franchisees in an extensive program followed by an on-site training in your own franchise. Once you are established in your franchise, Jon Smith Subs offers additional support to help guide you through the ins and outs of the industry.

If you are interested in learning more information about investing in a franchise as opposed to running a fast casual restaurant, check out our resource library!

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