The burgeoning opportunities in the fast-casual franchise landscape over the last decade have not altogether escaped investors’ attention. As QSR Magazine reports, the fast-casual industry was the food sector with the best gains in traffic in recent years. The food industry changes all the time, but customers still want the best food they can get at reasonable prices. Fast-casual brands like Jon Smith Subs have benefitted from this demand.

How Fast-Casual Differs from Fast Food 

Our sub franchise is a good example of fast-casual dining in action. We are not fast food. The fast-casual concept instead offers some of the convenience that diners have come to love, combined with food that’s higher in quality. This means fewer processed ingredients and pre-cooked meals. In the spectrum from fast food to fine dining, the fast-casual concept falls somewhere in between. Many fast-casual restaurants take orders at a central counter and have some table service, with waiting staff serving diners. This resembles what you might find in casual dining, except that it’s more convenient and, often, more affordable for diners.   

Jon Smith Subs’ History in Fast-Casual Food 

What sets Jon Smith Subs apart in the fast-casual dining scene is that we did not jump on the bandwagon as a result of following trends. The higher-quality food that we advertise is something we started delivering on our serving tables way back in 1988. Given the history of our sandwich franchise, diners love that we really deliver on the promise of better, freshly-prepared, food. Everything from our sirloin steak to chicken breasts is prepared fresh and grilled to order. There is no frozen, precooked, substitute in our restaurants.

Our Fast-casual Franchise Opportunity 

Starting in Florida and operating there for so many years, our restaurants have been one of the state’s best-kept secrets. That has all changed over the last several years, however. A new partnership with United Franchise Group, one of the leading players in the franchise industry, has opened up opportunities for new franchisees. We’ve expanded throughout the nation. We continue to grow, both domestically and internationally. This presents a unique opportunity for prospective franchisees looking to get into the business. 

The Ideal Franchisee for Us 

The brand that we’ve built, and its track record in U.S. as well as in international markets, looks poised for exciting times ahead. We are eager to partner with a variety of franchisees, including multi-unit as well as single-unit franchisees. Partnering with Jon Smith Subs will give you access to a proven business model with multiple revenue streams in the form of our fresh, made-to-order subs as well as catering services. You can serve a variety of events, local corporations, and large gatherings that need high-quality food that satisfies the palate. 

Jon Smith Subs continues to break new ground in the fast-casual franchise landscape. Our commitment to high quality and great taste means that our brand can stay abreast of consumer demand for good, convenient, food. We use only the highest-quality meats and sub rolls that are baked fresh each day. Our mouth-watering subs have an appeal that continues to be a big hit with diners right across the country. 

To learn more about Jon Smith Subs’ franchise opportunities, and how you can open a fast-casual franchise, contact us today!