Everyone likes sandwiches, especially fresh grilled ones. Sub and sandwich shop franchise revenue is on the upswing (source: IBISWorld). With so many different brands on the market, it can be hard to know which brands offer the best quality and customer service, all while turning a profit. At Jon Smith Subs, we are proud to say we’re thriving, and, with that said, we can fill you in on what you’ll need to open a sandwich shop.  

The Jon Smith Subs difference is in the quality, diversity, and excellence of our tasty menu, which offers a selection of menu items you can’t find elsewhere. Our goal is your success, which is why we invest in a comprehensive training and support model for our franchisees and ongoing updates to keep them aware of industry trends. If you’re left asking yourself, “What do I need to open a sandwich shop?” keep reading. 


We’ve refined our franchise business model over the years to focus on combining the casual dining experience with exemplary customer service, thus establishing our reputation as a top choice in the grilled sandwich shop market. Our high-quality meats and fresh-sliced vegetables come in generous portion sizes, complete with a side order of our famous fries. 


We’ve spent years building a name for ourselves, and our customers have come to trust Jon Smith Subs with quality, quantity, and care. Our sandwich shops serve up fast, mouth-watering food using the freshest ingredients, striking a careful balance between maximum convenience and outstanding excellence. 


Our global, universal appeal shows that we possess plenty of growth potential as an investment. Jon Smith Subs can offer increased revenues to its franchisees through both counter service as well as catering from their restaurants. 

Traits of Our Ideal Franchisee

We know that breaking away from the 9–5 corporate race can be daunting. With Jon Smith Subs, we make the transition to starting a new career, becoming your very own boss, and learning about our investment opportunity straightforward with the flexibility and growth potential of our business model.  While some basic business principles are beneficial to know, we don’t expect our franchisees to have a background in the food industry. Our franchisees have a variety of backgrounds, including hospitality, real estate, corporate, and more. What do I need to open a sandwich shop and become the perfect franchisee? is something we know a lot about:

  1. Balance. We want our franchisees to strike a careful balance between ultimate convenience and outstanding excellence. At Jon Smith Subs, we see this as a winning combination to please a broader section of potential customers, as other fast-casual restaurants prioritize one for the cost of the other.  
  2. Flexibility. Our franchisees have the flexibility to serve area corporations, large events and gatherings, and table service, all from the same restaurant. We want to extend our reach to excite as many palates as possible. 
  3. Invested Interest. Jon Smith Subs franchisees are invested in not just the business but also our pledge to provide excellence in customer service and quality. In turn, we’re invested in our franchisees, and their success is our success. That said, our franchise model accommodates multiple investment scenarios:  
  • Experienced investors looking for a multi-unit franchise
  • Investors looking to diversity their franchise business portfolio
  • Single-unit franchise investors looking to break into food service

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