At Jon Smith Subs sandwich restaurant franchise, we know that making a great sandwich is an art form. We pride ourselves on the quality of our sandwiches, and our product speaks for itself. We’ve never had an issue finding a hungry customer to serve, and once customers taste our sandwiches, they’ll become loyal fans.

Sandwich History

It’s likely that the consumption of meats, cheeses, and other foods between two slices of bread is, well, as old as bread. The name “sandwich,” however, was credited to Jon Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich, in the 18th century.

It soon became fashionable in Europe to serve sandwiches. Virtually every country in the world has a version of sandwiches, featuring a wide variety of meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and other toppings.

Our sandwich restaurant franchise is based upon the simple concept of using only the best ingredients for our sandwiches. That means our vegetables are fresh, our meats are marinated in-house, and we make our bread from scratch. At Jon Smith Subs, the difference truly is in our ingredients.

Why Our Sandwich Restaurant Franchise

When you invest with Jon Smith Subs, we’ll provide you the foundation you need to launch your business with confidence.

While offering high-quality, delicious subs at a good value is enough reason alone to get into the sub sandwich restaurant franchise industry with Jon Smith Subs, there are also lots of other great reasons to consider our opportunity:

  • Gain independence. If you’re done with the nine-to-five grind, consider becoming your own boss with a franchise like Jon Smith Subs. We make the process simple, and we’re there for you every step of the way.
  • Growing industry. The fast casual industry is part of the $659bn restaurant industry. Each year this sector continues to see growth to obtain a larger share of the overall market.
  • Turnkey investment. We make ownership easy. Our franchise investment offers a wide selection of high-quality returns.
  • Real estate assistance. We’ll get you up and running in the perfect location. We provide extensive scoping of the competition, traffic, and building in your community.
  • Comprehensive training. No experience is required to run a sandwich restaurant franchise with us. Our success is your success, so we’ll make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running. The training we provide includes initial training at our corporate headquarters and on-site training at your location.
  • Ongoing support. Our support doesn’t stop once you open. We provide ongoing training in the form of online training tools, collaborative systems, updates, marketing programs, and more.
  • Multiple revenue streams. You can leverage your training and open as many locations as you’d like. Some franchisees open multiple restaurants at once, while others prefer to open them over time. We offer catering, multi-unit options, area developer positions, and master licensee positions so you can grow your business.
  • Territories around the world. We’re open for business in all markets, whether it’s across the country or across the globe.

By offering the most comprehensive training and most delicious sandwiches, Jon Smith Subs makes it easy to break into the sandwich restaurant franchise industry.

Want to learn more about opening a sandwich restaurant franchise with Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today!