Jon Smith Subs sandwich shop stands out from the competition in many ways, but did you know we are also a catering service franchise? Our dedication to high-quality ingredients and clean, comfortable restaurants continue to keep us ahead of the crowded sub sandwich landscape.

An American classic, sub sandwiches are a popular staple of the quick-service restaurant industry that is valued at $19.3 bn. With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, we can set you up for a strong start and help you grow along the way.

Our Turnkey Investment

The turnkey investment that Jon Smith Subs offers a strong business model that combines casual dining with a focus on customer service. Jon Smith Subs are open around the world, showing universal appeal and growth potential as an investment.

When considering owning a sandwich shop franchise like Jon Smith Subs, there are financial obligations that potential franchisees should consider. Such obligations include liquid capital, total investment, and royalty payments to consider.

What Our Franchise Opportunity Includes

With Jon Smith Subs, you can serve delicious, high-quality subs, right off the grill. Our brand is known for having a wide range of customizable menu options from healthy to decadent piping hot fries. The unique fast-casual dining experience we provide includes delivering fresh and delicious food to the customer’s table.

The flexible catering service franchise solution that Jon Smith Subs offers can made to work wherever there is visibility and traffic. Our fresh grilled menu can support take-out and with our turnkey investment, our franchisees can come from a variety of backgrounds so no experience is necessary.

We’ve developed a number of processes and systems that franchisees are expected to adhere to, as they are designed to save money and time in the long run, and give our franchisees more freedom.

Our two-week training program at our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida sets you up for success. After that, franchisees receive further training at their own location to prepare them for their grand opening.

The support we provide our franchisees doesn’t end after the grand opening. Franchisees also have access to our online system for further training and refresher materials at their leisure, and our support team is always there for you with any issues that may arise.

Other Revenue Streams

The sandwich shop turnkey investment includes everything you need to know and offers a wide selection of high-quality returns. Additionally, we have support from our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG), that has allowed us to become a popular global franchise.

  • Catering. Franchisees can drive additional revenue by offering weekday business catering service franchise We can cater any family gathering, events, and holidays.
  • Multi-unit ownership. Franchisees are welcome to invest in as many locations as they would like, whether right off the bat or over time.
  • Area developer. Franchisees can become area developers over time, seeking out qualified prospective franchisees to invest in Jon Smith Subs locations.
  • Master licensee. Franchisees can also become master licensees if they’d like to open a location outside the U.S. and sell franchises.

Become a franchisee with Jon Smith Subs and add additional value to your investment with catering service.

Want to learn more about opening a catering service franchise with Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today!