What Is Multi-Unit Expansion?

Franchise owners have a number of options for expanding their businesses. For example, there is the option of expanding their premises, which will enable them to serve a higher volume of customers. There is also the option of expanding their customer base, which will increase the number of potential customers who can be convinced to visit their premises.

However, one of the most interesting options for expanding their businesses is multi-unit expansion, which is when a franchise owner opens multiple units of the same franchise.

Why Should You Consider Multi-Unit Expansion?

Here are some reasons why the franchise owners of our sandwich chain restaurants should consider multi-unit expansion:

  • The most important reason to consider multi-unit expansion is the potential for increased profit. In part, the increased profit comes from the fact that the new franchises will be based in new locations with access to new customers, which means new revenue streams. Because there is a limit to how much optimization can boost the profits of a single franchise location, there comes a point when franchise owners must either start new franchises by expanding to multiple units or face diminishing returns on their investments in their businesses.
  • Some of the owners of our sandwich chain restaurants choose multi-unit expansion for personal fulfillment. When a business has established a solid footing, its operations are simple enough that most of its problems can be handled without extensive intervention from the top. This can be boring for people who crave a challenge. For these individuals, the simplest method for dispelling their boredom is to start a new franchise, which will enable them to experience the satisfaction of establishing a solid footing for their businesses once more.
  • It is much easier to set up additional franchises after the first franchise is established. After all, franchise owners who are successful enough to consider multi-unit expansion possess plenty of business expertise and experience, which should enable them to overcome the challenge of starting a business with ease. Furthermore, we will continue to provide the owners of our sandwich chain restaurants with a wide range of support when it comes to multi-unit expansion, meaning that their chances of a successful start-up are higher than ever.
  • In some cases, it might be possible for the owners of sandwich chain restaurants to make their new franchises even more profitable than their existing franchises. This is because a business’s expenses can be categorized as fixed costs and variable costs, meaning that when the business owner comes up with a better solution for a serious problem, it might not be profitable to implement it because of the business’s fixed costs. Starting a new franchise is a chance to make all of the best decisions from the start, making it that much more efficient.

How Can You Upgrade Your Franchise with Multi-Unit Expansion?

If you are intrigued by the reasons to consider multi-unit expansion that have been presented here, you should get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. As stated, we provide the same support to our multi-unit franchise owners as to our single-unit franchise owners, meaning that the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can start planning the new expansion. After all, while you now have considerable expertise and experience, you should take steps to make your new sandwich chain restuarants as successful as possible.