Finding the best investment is an exciting time for an entrepreneur contemplating the expansion of their financial portfolio. If you’ve already decided that a franchise is the next best move for you, then you’re already a step in the right direction. Now it’s time to decide which company you should be pushing your hard-earned capital into. We have found as we grow that, like a sandwich, it takes a complete product to make a buyer satisfied and loyal to a brand. That is why we have established the key ingredients that make Jon Smith Sub franchises the best overall business experience for any excited investor.

Sandwich Industry Success

First, it’s important to establish the current performance of the business environment you could be stepping into. The growth of the sandwich industry has been incredible since 2014, eclipsing nearly 3.5% in the past five years. This caused the total projected revenue for the sandwich industry to skyrocket as well, with a total value of $25 billion in 2019. There are a growing number of businesses in the food industry, but there seems to be demand for a quick, high-quality sandwich pick-up.

Unparalleled Training

Jon Smith Subs wants each of our investors to opens their doors with the confidence that they can provide a high level of service to all of their customers. The initial training that you will receive starts in our state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Florida. Our in-depth classroom discussions dive deep into every question investors have about sub franchises and opening their new sandwich shop. This continues with on-site training in your Jon Smith Subs location, giving you the hands-on training experience other sub franchises cannot provide.

Part of A Respected Franchise Group

Our association with United Franchise Group (UFG) has continuously improved our methods of preparing investors for the road ahead. UFG has claimed awards and been recognized for its ability to strive for excellence in the franchise industry. Their accolades show in our franchisees’ ability to produce success in each of the many industries UFG is associated with. UFG has worked with us in creating a thriving business model that, when followed diligently, facilitates growth for all our franchisees.

Established Target Markets

Finding the best spot to reach a desired demographic is simplified with an investment in Jon Smith Subs. With the number of sub franchises continually growing, it’s important to establish where your competition is and what locations will help you bring in the most foot traffic. Our franchisees have access to tested marketing strategies that corral the attention of potential customers in the area. Jon Smith Subs also helps you identify an ideal targeted location based on our knowledge of the industry, so you aren’t fighting for customer retention.

Ongoing Support

To keep you rolling, Jon Smith Subs has worked hard in creating a helpful model of continuing support throughout the life span of your business. Our support is updated to industry trends and data to help keep your focus on the success of your business. We also update our owners on any changes made to our training programs, so all of our investors are up to date on any information they may need. By bringing all our franchisees in the same loop, we can update our approaches derived from your results to improve continuously for the future.

There aren’t many sub franchises that can compete with Jon Smith Subs investor development model. If you would like to know more about why, contact us today.