Jon Smith Subs is proud to be a part of the fast-casual restaurant industry, ranking right alongside market leaders. Our commitment to quality and value makes us stand out when compared to any other sub franchise. After 30 years, we have a thorough understanding of what we do and how to deliver the best product possible to our customers. With the backing of franchise giant United Franchise Group, we pack quite a punch in our industry.

Each year, we look forward to the fast-casual restaurant industry trend forecasts for the upcoming year. It’s a big industry: consumers spent $21 billion at sandwich and sub franchises last year alone, per IBISWorld, while the industry as a whole has grown an average of 2.8 percent annually for the past five years. 

More Millennial and Boomer Spending

As the economy continually improves and consumer confidence grows, people will increase their food budgets to accommodate their love of eating out. Sales in the fast-casual restaurant industry are projected to increase another 2.5 percent to around $234 billion this year (IBISWorld), as consumers are continuing to shift their spending toward quicker, more convenience-oriented options. The growth rates in the fast-casual business are doubling those of full-service restaurants, as more millennials and their boomer parents (a.k.a., the two biggest groups in our population) are turning increasingly to fast-casual restaurants when dining out.

Transparency Wins

Consumers value transparency from companies more than ever. People care about what they eat, and they’re choosing quality above all. Jon Smith Subs has always held a similar stance because we prioritize quality. 

We’ve taken a simple recipe and elevated it for a complete experience. We bake our bread fresh right in our shop and slowly marinate our meats. Every sub we make is prepared fresh, on the spot, and made to order for the customer. We don’t use frozen ingredients, and we also do not microwave, steam, pre-cook, pre-heat, or dehydrate any of our products. Our choice of steak is sirloin, and our chicken is all white breast meat. No shortcuts are necessary when serving quality food.

Quality means:  NO flap steak or beef knuckles; NO pre-sliced or preserved meats or vegetables; NO pre-cooked steak; NO pre-cooked chicken; NO dehydrated onions; NO gassed tomatoes; NO Tuna Helper; NO turkey roll. NO bologna. NO BALONEY! 

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Options

The current pandemic situation has reshaped the way lots of people choose to dine out. Curbside pickup and delivery make it easy for people to order a meal without the need to set foot in a restaurant. We also partner with delivery apps like DoorDash so that customers can have their meals delivered right to their door. 

Continued Emphasis on Health and Safety

There’s no question that consumers today care about eating better. Boomers are looking for healthier options as they age, and millennials are eager to embrace new flavors and trends. 

Jon Smith Subs is all about choice and flexibility, and has lots of options to suit just about every customer. Our customers have the option to customize their subs, and should they choose to indulge, we can accommodate that too.  

Our franchisees have a lot of pride in their restaurants and work hard to keep their restaurants impeccably clean. We believe that reputation will go a long way as more restaurants re-open. 

Contact us today to learn more about our Jon Smith Subs’ fast-casual franchise opportunities.