Opening a sandwich shop can be a very rewarding career. With Jon Smiths Subs behind you, you know you have everything you need to get started with confidence and training behind you to put your best foot forward. But what goes into being a good sandwich shop franchisee? What makes up a solid business plan for a sandwich shop? And what does it cost to open a sandwich shop? These are all common questions that we get from potential franchisees, and here are the ingredients that make up the best ones!

Enough Liquid Capital

Like all business opportunities, opening a sandwich shop with us requires an investment. What makes us better than a lot of other opportunities out there is that our investment is broken down and thoroughly explained before potential franchisees even invest. This means that no one goes in blind or without knowing how much liquid capital they need to have or how much the investment costs to get their sandwich shop up and running. Our total investment is $300,000 – $400,000, which is a lot to pay all up front. Because of this, we ask that our franchisees have $150,000 in liquid capital to begin with, and we help them find financing if they need it.

Our investment is turnkey, which means it comes with everything our franchisees need to get started on the right foot. It covers training at our headquarters and on-site, support, the franchise fee, initial equipment, a business plan for a sandwich shop, and more! We like to make sure our franchisees have everything they need to get started with confidence, so we don’t cut corners when it comes to their investment.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

Many entrepreneurs may be looking into business opportunities like a Jon Smith Subs franchise and think they need to have experience with opening a sandwich shop or in the restaurant industry. However, you don’t have to have experience in either! We’ve made opening a sandwich shop easy because of the training and support we provide. This means that if you are an entrepreneur who is looking to break into the profitable restaurant industry, you may be the perfect franchisee for us. In addition to our investment, our business plan for a sandwich shop is also turnkey. It has been tested by many other franchisees over the years, so we have perfected it to bring the best sandwiches and service to customers at any location across the country.

A Love for Sandwiches

Although you don’t need experience with a sandwich shop, it is important to love what you do with a franchise opportunity. You are investing time and money into the success of your Jon Smith Subs franchise, so you need to have a passion for it. We get the highest-quality ingredients to make the best sandwiches for our customers, and they love us for it. Our dedication to ur sandwiches and customer service are what put us above the other sandwich shops out there, and the best franchisees make sure that quality and consistency are transfered to their customers. If you love sandwiches and want to pursue a career that lets you work with them and bring joy to a wide array of customers, you should invest in a Jon Smith Subs.

Opening a Sandwich Shop

Opening a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs can be an extremely rewarding career. Take the first step in your journey by reaching out to us to speak with one of our franchise representatives and getting more information today.