The only thing better than one Jon Smith Subs location is multiple franchise sandwich shops. While some investors may see the act of making a more substantial investment as a larger dent in their wallet, our educated franchisees see the financial opportunity it presents. Siding with a powerhouse brand like Jon Smith Subs offers the chance to create a broader range of revenue and overall foot traffic. See how a multi-unit investment in our franchise sandwich shops can benefit your business ownership experience today.

Constant Foot Traffic

When you are locating your franchise sandwich shops, it’s vital that you secure locations that fit your business demographics. Jon Smith Sub’s team of real-estate experts will help you establish these locations that could bolster the value of your investment. Nevertheless, a multi-unit investment opens itself to an increased amount of foot traffic. More than one site will amplify the number of customers you have the opportunity to satisfy.


We are aware that in an industry with more than 26,000 shops appearing, your opposition is out there. Opening more than one location in your region will bring a growing awareness to Jon Smith Subs’ already established name. Our experts have information on how to stay ahead of that competition, while our real-estate gurus have an understanding of where your territory should be located in relation to those competitors. Opening multiple franchise sandwich shops will present you with the opportunity to take that foot-traffic away from the other industry names.   

Training Your Staff

More than one location means more staff you will need to hire. Seems like a hassle, but not when you have the help of Jon Smith Subs. We will assist you with the hiring of your staff so you won’t need to stress about filling out your franchise sandwich shops with accountable personnel. We will also assist with any training of new staff to make sure they have all the tools needed to help your franchise sandwich shops succeed.

Delegating Tasks

Owning more than one franchise also allows you to take a more behind the scenes approach to managing your business.  In the process of finding the correct employees for your locations, you will also have to identify the right workers to take over the daily in-store managerial responsibilities. Our franchisees who own more than one location love this aspect of the investment because it gives you a more significant role in the scope of your business. 

Expansion Of Revenue Opportunities 

The sandwich industry is consistently growing with the competition, and there seems to also be an increasing demand for our mouth-watering sandwiches. By owning more than one Jon Smith Subs, you will be able to meet the interest of a projected $25 billion sandwich franchise industry in 2019 alone. Acquiring multiple franchise sandwich shops is an easy way to widen the net of your investment to catch as many fish as possible. If one of your locations may not be performing the way you’d hoped, you will have another opportunity to lean on financially. With a model that has had so much success since 1986, it’s no wonder, so many of our investors choose to double-down. 

Are you interested in finding out more about opening multiple franchise sandwich shops with the help of Jon Smith Subs? Let us know you’re interested by filling out our quick form or contact us today!