If you’re researching sub shop franchises, chances are you’re thinking about breaking into our industry. There are a lot of good reasons to invest in a sub shop franchise, but Jon Smith Subs stands out as an excellent franchisor. Whether you’re on the fence about investing in a franchise versus going it alone, or you simply can’t decide which franchisor is right for you, Jon Smith Subs needs to be in your list of prospective business opportunities.

Jon Smith Sub Shop Franchises Come with Strong Support

Each of our franchise locations has been built through a team effort. Our franchisees dedicate significant time and resources to their new business, but they’re also able to count on our corporate team to support them throughout the process. We provide our franchisees with comprehensive training, teaching them the secrets of our time-tested business model both at our corporate headquarters as well as in their own location. We help them find and build-out the perfect location, helping them ensure that they’re not overpaying. We also provide them with many opportunities for ongoing training and professional development. Of course, we keep an open line of communication with our franchisees so that when they have a question or concern, they’re able to reach out to the experts.

Franchising with Us Beats Working Alone

Some prospective investors wonder why they should invest in a franchise when they could start a new business from scratch and avoid paying the franchise fee. There are many reasons why franchising beats going it alone. Not only do our sub shop franchises enjoy the support outlined above, they are presented with many opportunities to save money. New business owners need to figure out their own operational procedures. This can take weeks, months, or years to perfect, and along the way business owners stand to lose money due to wasted time and resources. The support and guidance we provide our franchisees is simply not available to independent owners, and even simple business advising services can be costly. Over the years, we’ve developed strong vendor relationships that allow our franchisees to access the inventory they need at competitive prices – yet another advantage that independent owners are unlikely to enjoy.

A Well-Established Customer Base

Jon Smith Subs has locations around the world, and customers everywhere are familiar with our brand name and our parent company, United Franchise Group. Our slow-marinated meats make for sandwiches that truly stand out from the rest, and our dedication to quality and large portion sizes have made us a favorite among customers. When you set up shop under the Jon Smith Subs brand name, you’re instantly setting yourself apart from other sub shop franchises in your area. Take advantage of our great reputation and years of marketing by partnering with Jon Smith Subs.

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