Whether through tried-and-tested favorites or local favorites, Jon Smith Subs is quality you can taste. With over 30 years of experience, our sub shop franchise has proven to weather-changing industry trends and continues to expand across the U.S.

Our sub shop franchise is a fresh opportunity with a proven track record for success, serving high-quality subs right off the grill. The unique fast-casual dining experience includes delivering fresh and delicious food right to the table combined with a secondary revenue stream from catering for all events.

One of the latest industry trends is a focus on quality. People care about what they eat, now more than ever. Jon Smith Subs has always fared well against other sub shop franchises because we prioritize quality. We bake our bread fresh in-store and slowly marinate our meats. Our steak is sirloin, and our chicken is all white breast meat.

Jon Smith Subs knows that quality means no flap steak or beef knuckles; no pre-sliced, preserved meats or vegetables; no pre-cooked steak, no pre-cooked chicken; no dehydrated onions, no gassed tomatoes; no tuna “helper,” no turkey roll. No bologna; no baloney.

We do not microwave, steam, pre-cook, pre-heat, or dehydrate at our sub shop franchise. No shortcuts are necessary for quality food!

We cut the finest farm-fresh vegetables every day and keep them cool and crisp. Our ingredients aren’t out on display all day or open to the public behind a short glass.

Our quality ingredients lead to quality subs. Jon Smith Subs features a variety of subs at our sandwich shop franchise. It’s our guarantee that our subs are as mouthwatering as possible, and your customers will appreciate the quality and diversity of our menu.

Our unique fast-casual dining experience features sub favorites such as:

  • Hot bombs. Varieties include The Steak Bomb and The Chicken Bomb.
  • Grilled and hot favorites. Varieties include Hot Pastrami, Meatball, Grilled Veggie, Cheeseburger, Grilled Kielbasa, Grilled Italian, and Maple Bacon Chicken.
  • Deli classics. Varieties include The Italian, Triple Deli Classic, Roast Beef, Tuna, Ham N’ Cheese, Turkey Breast, and Garden Veggie.
  • Local favorites. Varieties include The Gator, Reuben, The Classic, The Cuban, Teriyaki, BLT, and Hot Cajun.

We support the development of regional menu items celebrating the cities that enjoy our subs. Regional menu items that can’t be found elsewhere: from our Po Boy in Louisiana to our Lobster Roll in Boston, we work to customize our menu with our regional teams.

Jon Smith Subs provides our franchisees with multiple revenue streams and growth opportunities and welcomes them to invest in as many locations as they’d like. While some add new restaurants over time, some opt to open multiple locations right off the bat. Other franchisees choose to unlock even more revenue streams by becoming an Area Developer or Master Licensee.

Whether it’s a tried-and-true favorite or a local, regional menu item, Jon Smith Subs has the quality needed to stand the test of time!

Want to learn more about opening a fast-casual franchise with Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today!