At this point, you have performed your due diligence and identified that the booming sandwich industry could be your next career move. Now begins the process of figuring out how to start a sandwich shop. Starting your own business without the help of a franchise can lead to a bumpy road of unexpected complications. Franchising with an industry mainstay like Jon Smith Subs will help you navigate those potential issues alongside a group of experts who understand what information is vital to your success. Here is a glimpse of that roadmap that Jon Smith Subs has prepared and updated over the years.


Financial Investment Obligations


Jon Smith Sub’s vetting process is designed to find potential franchisees who are financially prepared to invest. The structure of our franchise investment includes a franchise fee and a required portion of liquid capital. The franchise fee pays for all of the useful resources that come from working with Jon Smith Subs. It also covers the ongoing support that we provide our franchisees throughout the lifespan of their investment. The portion of liquid capital provides your sandwich shop with the financial fortitude to sustain the unforeseen costs that may with operating your restaurant. The range of these costs all depends on what factors play into the design and structure of your location–which is a unique situation for each of our investors.


Preparing a Location


An important step when answering how to start a sandwich shop is finding the ideal location for your sandwich store. If you are starting this process on your own, it can be easy to miss the mark or over-evaluate a proper fit. Jon Smith Subs has the practice of opening nearby 1,400 locations in up to 80 countries. We know that there aren’t that many companies in the sandwich shop industry who can provide investors with that level of expertise. We have a collection of real estate experts that will help you identify a spot for your Jon Smith Subs franchise and even aid you during lease negotiations. Jon Smith Subs takes the time to answer any questions our investors have concerning the construction process as well. Our team has experience in managing these responsibilities since 1988, so we are fully aware of what you’ll need to know. 


We Help You Learn


This is the piece of your experience with Jon Smith Subs where you will find a complete answer to how to start a sandwich shop. The training that we provide our franchisees with is the factor that separates our opportunity from the rest of the industry. Jon Smith Subs will invite you to our corporate state of the art headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here we will work with you to build a foundation of information regarding our industry, operations techniques, and much more. What is distinctive about our training methods is that the second half of your preparation will take place in your location. This on-site training will give you a chance to get in your managerial groove with comprehensive hands-on training. Do you still need help understanding how to start a sandwich shop? Jon Smith Subs provides our franchisees with continuing support that gives you access to online training tools and industry trends. We also offer our franchisees training updates so that all of our investors are always on the same page. 


Do you think that starting a business with Jon Smith Subs will help you discover how to run a sandwich shop? Contact us today, and we will answer all of your questions regarding our methods and process.