You want to open a restaurant for yourself. Why not consider a sub franchise with Jon Smith Subs? We can confidently claim that opening a sandwich shop beats striking out on your own, as we see our franchisees take success to a new level with our industry-leading sandwich concept.

We Have Great Food

Jon Smith Subs knows that quality makes the difference in the restaurant industry. Our proven track record of business acumen is driven by our high-quality food. We offer many appealing dishes, from slow marinated steak subs to giant deli subs, salads, and numerous side options.

We work hard to ensure that the quality of our food is unparalleled. Our shops deliver a high-quality fast-casual dining experience complete with fresh and delicious subs right off the grill. We prioritize quality through freshly baked bread right in-store. Our meats are slowly marinated and only come from high-quality cuts. We prep the finest farm-fresh vegetables every day and keep them cool and crisp. Our ingredients aren’t out on display all day or open to the public behind a short glass.

We don’t microwave, steam, pre-cook, pre-heat, or dehydrate at our sub franchise. No shortcuts are necessary for quality food. Quality means no flap steak or beef knuckles; no pre-sliced, preserved meats or vegetables; no pre-cooked steak, no pre-cooked chicken; no dehydrated onions, no gassed tomatoes; no tuna “helper,” no turkey roll; no bologna, NO BALONEY.

Additionally, we support the development of regional menu items that celebrate the cities that enjoy our subs. Jon Smith Subs offers an array of appealing dishes, including well-known and popular subs to multiple options from the grill, giant deli subs, salads, and numerous side options that can’t be found elsewhere. From our Po Boy in Louisiana to our Lobster Roll in Boston, we work to customize our menu with our regional teams.

We’re There for You Every Step of the Way

We’re dedicated to the success of our sub franchisees. Our systems help you get off the ground quickly and efficiently. When you sign aboard, we’ll help you with real estate assistance to ensure that your store is in the best possible area to thrive.

Next, we’ll provide top-notch training and support. Training begins with 37 hours of in-depth classroom instruction at our corporate headquarters so you can launch your business with confidence. Following that, we provide 126 hours of on-site training at your new location.

We also provide a grand opening tool kit, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials, mailers, point-of-purchase displays, and more, created personally for you by our in-house marketing team. After your location opens, we’ll keep you up to date on industry news and trends with online training tools and collaborative systems.

We provide our franchisees with multiple income and growth opportunities. This commitment begins with offering catering as a secondary revenue stream and welcoming owners to invest in as many locations as they’d like. While some add new restaurants over time, some opt to open multiple locations right off the bat. Other franchisees choose to unlock even more revenue streams by becoming an Area Developer or Master Licensee.

Jon Smith Subs sets itself apart in the sub franchise industry, and it’s easy to see why. Come join our team and see what all the buzz is about.

Want to learn more about opening a sub franchise with Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today!