If you are a new franchisee, you are probably wondering what do I need to open a sandwich shop? The first thing you will need to do is careful research. There are many options when it comes to franchising a sandwich shop, so you will need to know which one is right for you. Two such options are Jon Smith Subs and Penn Station East Coast Subs.

Training and Support

While both Jon Smith Subs and Penn Station East Coast Subs have been making quality sandwiches for many years, Jon Smith Subs is part of the United Franchise Group (UFG) family of brands. That means that franchisees with Jon Smith Subs can count on receiving world-class training from business experts who have helped to operate and market many different types of businesses in many different locations.

In addition to the initial state-of-the-art training new franchisees receive at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, franchisees can count on ongoing support from our team of marketing experts as they continue to grow their business.

Previous Experience

If you are wondering what you need in order to open a sandwich shop, another important consideration is business experience. Some franchises require franchisees to have more business experience than others. For instance, Penn Station East Coast Subs recommends that their franchisees have small business experience, personnel management experience, and a clear strategy.

At Jon Smith Subs, we are confident that our training is so strong that our new franchisees don’t need much business experience. While any business experience is definitely an asset, we are prepared to train our franchisees from the ground up in every aspect of running a business.

All in all, potential franchisees should do careful research on the brands they are considering working with before they take the plunge and sign a franchise agreement. At UFG, we are proud to run multiple award-winning franchises. We believe that our size and experience will be an asset to you if you choose to franchise with Jon Smith Subs. To learn more about the UFG franchise experience, visit our website at www.jonsmithsubsfranchise.com or give us a call at 1-888-978-3171.