Fast-casual restaurant franchises have been growing in the industry for over 20 years. The number of fast-casual franchises has exploded to see a growth of over 500 percent since 1999. This growth is being driven by evolving consumer tastes and creative restaurant concepts. Jon Smith Subs fits into both of these categories well: our subs are high-quality, freshly grilled, and full of healthy ingredients.

The fast-casual sector is continuing to evolve and expand at a rapid rate, meaning there’s never been a better time for an interested entrepreneur to take advantage of a fast-casual restaurant franchise opportunity.

What Is a Fast-Casual Franchise?

Jon Smith Subs fits into the fast-casual franchise concept perfectly. But what does that mean? Fast casual is in between traditional full-service restaurants and fast food establishments. We provide great food quickly but still provide exemplary customer and table service.

In fast-casual franchise concepts, food is of higher quality than big-name chains. At Jon Smith Subs, everything is prepared on-site and is of the highest quality. We prioritize quality through freshly-baked bread, slowly marinated meats, and the finest farm-fresh vegetables cut every day.

Industry Numbers

The National Restaurant Association in tracking the U.S. restaurant industry, valued it at $659bn for 2020, with 12.5m workers employed by restaurants.

While the industry as a whole is a behemoth, fast casual remains the smallest portion of the industry, taking only 7.5 percent of the market share. Full-service restaurants account for 48.5 percent of the market share, and fast food accounts for 43.8 percent.

Why Open a Fast-Casual Franchise with JSS?

Jon Smith Subs provides more as a fast-casual restaurant franchise opportunity than most other sub shops. We make the process simple for franchise owners with an entrepreneurial spirit to find success, no matter their experience or training.

  • We have the right food. Jon Smith Subs knows that quality is the first ingredient for success. Our customers expect that our food is of the highest quality, from fresh-baked bread to fresh-cut vegetables. We also cater to specific regional tastes for our customers.
  • We have the right locations. We help with site selection, buildouts and construction, and more to ensure your restaurant is in the best location possible.
  • We have the right partner. Between Jon Smith Subs and United Franchise Group (UFG), you’re set up to succeed. We help with every step of the process, so you’re never alone.

Opening a fast-casual restaurant franchise is a great opportunity to get into the billion-dollar restaurant industry. When you do so with Jon Smith Subs, we can help take your business to a new level as a proven leader in the sub sandwich industry.

Want to learn more about the fast-casual restaurant franchise opportunity with Jon Smith Subs? Contact us today!