Opening a sandwich restaurant franchise is a great option for those looking to go into business for themselves. Jon Smith Subs franchises stand out from other brands for lots of reasons, an important one being that we’re part of United Franchise Group (UFG), a franchising powerhouse. Since 1986, UFG has exceeded industry standards for training and supporting franchisees. That’s why Jon Smith Subs franchisees don’t need any prior experience running a restaurant to apply. Still, there are a few qualities we look for in every franchisee. See if you have what it takes to open a sandwich restaurant franchise.

These Qualities Set Franchisees Up to Succeed

  • Hardworking: When you open one or more Jon Smith Subs franchises, you’ll be able to enlist a staff to manage day-to-day operations. Still, getting a new restaurant up and running requires hard work. We’re looking for franchisees who are willing to put the time in, alongside our team, to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Ready to Learn: One of the best reasons to choose a franchise like Jon Smith Subs is that we’ve been in business for years. We’ve been perfecting our processes since 1988, and know what it takes to run a profitable business. Our franchisees should be ready to learn and open to mastering this time-tested system.
  • Self-Motivated: When you open a sandwich restaurant franchise, you’ll be the one who enjoys the majority of the profits. That said, you’ll need to be personally invested in ensuring your restaurant meets its goals and grows its customer base. Our experts will be there to provide you with support, but franchisees who excel go above and beyond to bring in new business.

The Investment

Opening a sandwich restaurant franchise with Jon Smith Subs is more cost-effective than you’d think. Unlike other brands, we don’t charge an inflated franchise fee, and our costs are streamlined to ensure you get the most for your investment. Furthermore, we consider it a turnkey investment because virtually everything you’ll need is included.

The cost to open a new Jon Smith Subs franchise starts at around $300K. This figure includes everything from our modest one-time franchise fee to equipment, initial inventory, signage, marketing expenses, and much more. We welcome our franchisees to seek third-party financing, such as an SBA loan, to cover these initial costs.

If you’re ready for a career change, opening a sandwich restaurant franchise with Jon Smith Subs could give you the freedom you want. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to get started.