Day in, day out, anxiety builds as a result of working for someone else and it’s simply something no working person enjoys or wants to tolerate. But what if we told you there was a way to remove the unfilling nature of working for someone else: Starting a sandwich shop.

The constant pressures of achieving goals to meet your boss’ bottom line are forgotten on the first day of starting your own business, and when you invest in a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you’ll have achieved your dreams of business ownership. Jon Smith Subs gives investors the opportunity to finally start working for themselves to meet their personal and financial goals.

We’ve outlined how investing in a Jon Smith Subs franchise makes this process stress-free and simple. Take a closer look.

Step Right Out of The Cubical

We can all relate to the demoralizing feeling of finding a fabulous position on a job posting site, only to discover that the required experience goes past your career achievements. However, Jon Smith Subs has developed a simple business model that is profitable for any level of experience. Our extensive training gives you all the information you’ll need to succeed when starting a sandwich shop. Although a well-rounded understanding of business is preferred, by no means is it required to invest. Our investors come from an array of backgrounds, but all now enjoy the same luxury of being their own boss.

Realistic Investment

An opportunity like this paired with a realistic price point may seem too good to be true, however we have found a way to make it happen. Our investment is broken up into two separate costs that will each have a role in your relationship with Jon Smith Subs. This starts off with a franchise fee that gives you access to exclusive Jon Smith Subs branding rights. We also require a minimum liquidity of franchisees as a prerequisite to franchise investment to ensure that candidates have the proper funds to keep your business running in the first few months and to ensure your ability to acquire financing.

The total investment of starting a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs is estimated to cost be $300,000-$400,000.

Brand Development Since 1988

What really draws our franchisees is the ability to step into a brand that has over 30 years of established industry credibility. Marketing a business on your own can be difficult in a world where there are millions of businesses like yours trying to do the same thing. When working with Jon Smith Subs, you’ll be able to enjoy the representation of a national brand that has spent years making a name for itself. In this time we have been able to develop an up to date marketing strategy, along with a full understanding of which locations work best for our model. Our group of brand development experts will help you bring in the foot traffic that has maintained our company’s long-term success.

Do you think it’s time to step outside of your daily work routine and start managing your own business? Contact Jon Smith Subs today, and we can evaluate your current situation together to see if starting a sandwich shop is the right move for you.