As with any business, marketing your sandwich shop is an important activity for Jon Smith Subs franchisees as well as those operating other restaurants in the industry. Marketing is the lifeblood of a business, and without it, business results can fall below your expectations. Here, discover the benefits of marketing and how Jon Smith Subs can help. 

Drive Traffic Consistently 

The first major benefit of marketing your sandwich shop is that marketing, done right, drives traffic to your shop. If you’ve ever walked into a restaurant that seemed to be doing everything right, but it was empty, inadequate marketing might have been the culprit. Consistently marketing your brand is key to driving traffic to your sandwich shop on a constant basis. In the old days, media tools like print, TV, and billboards, were the main forms of marketing that restaurants used. Nowadays, in addition to these, digital advertising and other online marketing technologies are even more important.  

Improve Customer Loyalty 

Another major benefit you might notice when marketing your sandwich shop is that you will likely improve customer loyalty. Not everyone who receives your marketing messages is completely new to your business. Some of them might be people who already buy from you once in a while. Provided your marketing is persuasive and timely, you can increase the frequency of restaurant visits by existing customers. Building your brand through marketing enhances the affinity that current customers feel for your brand. You can increase your sandwich shop’s revenue even without finding a whole new set of customers.

Improve Brand Recognition and Stay Top of Mind 

Customers like to buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. Marketing your sandwich shop helps you with achieving all of these. The more your marketing messages reach the masses, the more they get to know your brand. Liking and trusting are sure to follow, provided that, when they visit your sandwich shop, you are delivering a spectacular dining experience. Jon Smith Subs is a great example of a dining franchise that has done this well. We started out with just a sandwich shop back in 1988, but immediately, it was clear we used the freshest ingredients available. Our consistently great dining experience helped us build one of the restaurant industry’s most notable brands.

Jon Smith Subs Helps in Marketing your Sandwich Shop

Rather than go it alone when building your sandwich shop, you can partner with the experts by buying a franchise. Jon Smith Subs is one of the finest brands in the fast-casual dining industry, and the strength of our brand has seen us expand into new markets in recent years. For franchisees, we provide training and support for marketing as well as other operating essentials. The grand opening tool kits we provide, PR campaigns, and other marketing solutions, can help you attract the right business right from the start.

In the journey of opening a sandwich shop, it’s better not to walk alone. Our expertise makes your journey as the owner of a sandwich franchise so much better. Even after you open your franchise, we will help you with ongoing support so that you stay abreast of the latest industry trends. The support we provide includes marketing programs, collaborative systems, technology, and more.

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