The restaurant and casual dining industry is absolutely exploding right now. The latest figures from the National Restaurant Association show that the overarching restaurant industry has sales in excess of $700 billion and that new restaurants are springing up every day.

What’s really astonishing is that 10% of the overall U.S. workforce is operating within the restaurant industry. Nine out of ten restaurant managers also started in entry level positions, which goes to show that drive and commitment to a proven model can really take you far.

Get Your Piece of Jon Smith Subs

Jon Smith Subs is expanding, too. Over the last three years, Jon Smith Subs has grown by 11% and new target markets are constantly being scouted out by Jon Smith Subs’ area developers in hopes of bringing promising opportunities to investors.

In fact, “A fresh new opportunity” is just how Franchise Help described teaming up with Jon Smith Subs. For the last three decades, Jon Smith Subs has been enhancing the casual dining experience and giving fans subs they can’t find anywhere else—maple chicken, anyone?

Extremely Fresh Franchise Opportunity!

The interesting thing about Jon Smith Subs is that, while it’s been operating for nearly thirty years, only in the last few months has it been taking on franchisees. That means there’s a huge franchise opportunity to get in on something unprecedented…yet a proven model at the same time.

When Jon Smith opened the first Jon Smith Subs nearly thirty years ago, he realized the importance of offering customers real choice. At the same time, freshness was a priority from the outset: marinated steak and chicken breast are always grilled to order and never frozen or reheated.

Customers also like getting an American classic—French fries—alongside an enormous selection of marinated steak, grilled chicken, deli subs, and grilled specialties like Jon Smith Subs’ famous Pastrami Bomb made fresh every time out. Period.

Backed by United Franchise Group

The United Franchise Group has been in business for thirty years and today is considered the entrepreneur’s resource par excellence. Ray Titus, the CEO of the United Franchise Group, has earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for his commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence.

Encompassing a diverse range of successful franchises—including EmbroidMe, Signarama, and Experimac, among others—the United Franchise Group oversees many industry-best names and multiple entries on Entrepreneur‘s Franchise 500 list of the top names in the business.

On a practical, day-to-day level, the United Franchise Group provides Jon Smith Subs’ investors with marketing and support resources that they can’t find anywhere else.

There’s every reason to think that Jon Smith Subs will be the next big thing in a long line of United Franchise Group successes; SuperGreen Solutions, another United Franchise Group member, was named top new franchise and cracked the Franchise 500 in Entrepreneur. Pretty good for two years’ work!

Turnkey Franchise Opportunity with Training and Support

You’ll have help getting your Jon Smith Subs location off the ground in addition to receiving ongoing support, marketing assistance, and advice from amazing area developers if you become interested in opening more than one location. Being multi-unit in the restaurant sector is actually more common then you might think.

The investment profile at Jon Smith Subs is incredibly straightforward and very doable for most investors. Here you’ll find details about the extremely manageable liquidity requirements for opening up a Jon Smith Subs location.

For financial advice on defraying the startup expense, consider talking to a franchise consultant; but know that no previous restaurant experience is required to open your first Jon Smith Subs! Visit our website to learn more!

The Step-By-Step Instructions to Finding the Right Location for Your Franchise