Jon Smith Subs gives franchisees a chance to bring more freshness to customers. For nearly thirty years, Jon Smith Subs has been piling quality ingredients sky high on grilled subs made only from the freshest ingredients.

Customers can really taste the difference when fresher ingredients make it onto their tables, and they’ll definitely feel the added hospitality. Unique for the industry, Jon Smith Subs’ employees deliver piping hot subs right to customers’ tables.

The journey towards greater freshness has stayed faithful to the original recipe, so to speak, in that Jon Smith’s original two sub shops, started over thirty years ago, were dedicated to greater customer choice, affordable prices, and efficient hiring and training practices.

Four Things You Might Not Know About Jon Smith Subs

Because this sandwich business goes beyond the traditional quick service restaurant (QSR) model by delivering subs right to the customer’s table, Jon Smith Subs has a reputation for stellar customer service.

Provide Customers with a Unique Dining Experience

Jon Smith Subs is a fast, casual dining experience that creates subs with the freshest ingredients and piping hot fries on the side! That’s a one-two punch that customers can’t get enough of. Jon Smith Subs prides itself on the fact that customers are getting a unique dining experience.

Jon Smith Subs’ menu is chock full of items that customers can’t get anywhere else… and bigger portions than they’re likely to find elsewhere. Higher quality, bigger portions, better subs: That’s what Jon Smith Subs has always been about. Where else can you get a sirloin steak sub or a triple deli classic ordered just the way you like it?

You’d Be Working Within a Multi-billion Dollar Industry!

Recent data from the National Restaurant Association indicates that the industry Jon Smith Subs operates within brings in sales in excess of $780 billion.

Jon Smith Subs is becoming a bigger and bigger player in this industry, which has over a million restaurants operating within the United States currently. With marinated, slow-cooked meats and tasty condiments, millions of satisfied customers can’t be wrong.

Jon Smith Subs Is Part of the United Franchise Group

The United Franchise Group was founded thirty years ago and encompasses eight stellar brands. Today, the United Franchise Group has over 1,400 locations in more than 80 countries, to provide a truly global reach to investors.

As a Jon Smith Subs investor, you’ll have access to advertising networks and marketing collateral from one of the biggest names in the franchise industry: the reigning CEO and founder of the United Franchise Group, Ray Titus.

An Affordable, Simple, and Lucrative Opportunity

For customers, Jon Smith Subs is synonymous with great service and unique ingredients. For investors, though, Jon Smith Subs offers up a turnkey franchise opportunity that’s simple and effective.

With a very reasonable franchise fee and low liquidity requirements, you might already have the financial standing to make it happen… and if you don’t, third-party financing is available for qualified applicants.

Private lenders understand the food industry and are, therefore, more likely to provide loans to investors. The same goes for government-backed loans from the Small Business Association.

Are you ready to learn more about an investment with Jon Smith Subs? Then visit our website today to find out how you can benefit as a franchisee!

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