Our multi-unit franchising opportunities allow qualified investors to double their opportunity by opening two or more restaurants. Exclusive discounts make multi-unit ownership especially cost-effective, and guided support will enable you to get each location up and running quickly. Here, learn more about the benefits of opening multiple Jon Smith Subs franchises.

Opportunities for Savings

One of the best reasons to consider our multi-unit franchising opportunities is the savings you’ll enjoy on the initial investment and ongoing costs. For one thing, we offer discounts on the franchise fee for each location you open after your first. This advantage can easily save you thousands of dollars on each restaurant.

Furthermore, there are lots of opportunities for savings as you grow your businesses. For instance, you can advertise all of your locations with just one campaign, getting you far more bang for your marketing buck. 

Opening multiple Jon Smith Subs restaurants already allows you to earn more. When you take savings like these into account, you can see how multi-unit franchising is particularly cost-effective. 

Increase Your Bottom Line

Opening one Jon Smith Subs is great, and taking advantage of our multi-unit franchising opportunities even better. There’s a strong demand for fast-casual restaurants like ours in just about every community, so there’s huge potential to open multiple Jon Smith Subs throughout your territory. Multiple restaurants=multiple strong customer bases, which leads to more revenue.

Support Every Step of the Way

Opening a single restaurant is a serious undertaking, and the idea of opening multiple restaurants can be downright daunting. We support our franchisees every step of the way, helping them find the perfect locations, analyzing demographic research, setting up each location, and implementing a targeted marketing campaign.

Running multiple Jon Smith Subs does take commitment. Franchisees are expected to manage big picture tasks like marketing campaigns, meeting growth goals, and so forth. Some franchisees choose to manage at least one location personally, while others delegate all day-to-day operations to their staff. We’ll help you carve out a role for yourself that works for you and provide you with resources to manage your workload. All of this allows franchisees to keep their restaurants running smoothly and efficiently.

The best way to get the details on the investment cost, and other important things to expect, is to contact us. We’ll consider factors like your location, the franchise concepts you’re interested in, and the number of locations you’d like to open to generate a customized plan.

Contact Jon Smith Subs today to learn more about our multi-unit franchising opportunities.