Opening a sandwich shop might not have been your first thought as you brainstorm ways to enjoy more career independence, but running our franchises is a surprisingly flexible job. Why? Because at Jon Smith Subs, we’ve developed a highly-efficient business model based on decades in the industry. It’s simple to master and implement, even for newcomers to the QSR (quick-service restaurant) scene. Here, we’ll show you how owning a sandwich shop might be just the career change you’ve been looking for.

Break Free of the Rat Race with Jon Smith Subs

One pervasive myth about franchising is that franchisees don’t have much freedom to run their business the way they see fit, but that’s not the case with Jon Smith Subs. It’s true that we’ve developed a number of processes and systems that we expect our franchisees to adhere to, but we’ve found that these systems can actually save them money and time in the long run. Basically, they’re designed to give our franchisees more freedom. 

Many of our franchisees come to us from corporate careers where they put their skills to use working for someone else. They’re often made to work a nine-to-five schedule, and taking sick days and vacation days requires them to go through a human resources department. In contrast, our franchisees are able to decide for themselves when they should work, which tasks they need to do themselves, and which tasks they can delegate to their trusted staff. They’re free to make time for family dinners, golf games, kids’ soccer games – whatever is important to them. Best of all, when their business does well, they’ll enjoy the largest share of the profits. 

All in all, opening a sandwich shop is a great way to break free of the rat race.

We’ll Help You Get Started 

Some of our franchisees worry that because they don’t have experience in the QSR industry, they’re not well qualified to start their own business. Again, nothing could be further from the truth! At Jon Smith Subs, we’ve developed a comprehensive two-week training program that takes place at our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Franchisees receive further training right at their own location when we join them to prepare for their grand opening. Of course, franchisees also have access to our online system where they can access training and refresher materials at their leisure. 

All in all, our franchisees receive expert guidance throughout the process of opening their new restaurant, and they can count on us to continue supporting them once its already opened. Most of our franchisees find that the simplicity of our business model combined with these training resources leads to a straightforward process. Don’t let your lack of experience prevent you from taking advantage of this exciting opportunity!

Want to learn what it takes to open your own Jon Smith Subs franchise? Contact us today for more information!