Innovation is a factor of high importance for just about any business venture, regardless of industry. This remains particularly true for sandwich shops in the fast-casual restaurant industry, and Jon Smith Subs is no exception. Our sandwich shop franchise support has been built through some of the most comprehensive systems available to entrepreneurs in the industry.

Our founder and namesake, Jon Smith, opened his first locations in 1988 after purchasing two stores that had struggled to turn a profit under their previous ownership. Over time, the number of stores and team members has grown as the Jon Smith Subs brand has become known for its ability to adapt to the changes the industry and larger economic market have seen.

Training That Fully Prepares Our Franchisees

As we have grown more experienced in launching Jon Smith Subs franchises, we have steadily added to our deep library of resources that we provide entrepreneurs starting a sandwich shop with us. Our training for new franchise owners begins at our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, FL, where the initial process begins with two weeks of in-depth instruction in a classroom setting. This training covers a variety of critical business operations and best practices that help our Jon Smith Subs franchises separate themselves from the pack and outrun the competition.

Once the franchise owner returns to their territory, they will receive over 100 hours of on-site training. Additionally, they can stay in contact with the Jon Smith Subs corporate team if they encounter any obstacles that may not have been addressed in the initial training. Jon Smith Subs franchisees have access to a database of online resources and collaborative systems that assists them in staying ahead of industry trends.

Keeping Pace With Evolving Markets

With the amount of time we have spent in the fast-casual dining game, you could say we’ve seen a thing or two at Jon Smith Subs. Innovation has always been a top priority for us as a means to continue building our brand through the success of our franchise locations. This same innovation has shaped the franchise business model we utilize to put each Jon Smith Subs franchisee in a position to achieve their professional and personal ambitions.

In our role as franchisor, the Jon Smith Subs team helps each franchisee build their customer base with our multi-channel marketing approach tailored to the specific demographics of your territory. New owners receive our grand opening toolkit to help them hit the ground running with advertising and PR campaigns that together we design and collaborate on to attract and bring in new customers.

As a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you can buy into an opportunity to become a leading innovator in the fast-casual restaurant industry. With the Jon Smith Subs corporate team’s sandwich shop franchise support, you won’t be alone in your pursuit to make this vision a reality while working to achieve your other personal and professional goals.

Become part of an innovative brand by requesting more information about joining the Jon Smith Subs team today!