Jon Smith Subs is proud to stand out from the competition. We’ve worked hard to become entrenched in the fast-casual niche market, ranking right alongside industry leaders on the subs franchise leaderboard.

We’re not your average corner store sandwich shop franchise: our commitment to quality and value sets us apart. Every sandwich we make is prepared fresh, on the spot, made to order, and fully customized to the customer’s preferences. We go above and beyond by providing tableside service, helping us bridge the gap between fast food and full service.

A Trusted Brand

A key part of the Jon Smith Subs brand is that we prepare everything we serve in each store, every day. We’ve spent 30-plus years understanding what we do and how to deliver the best possible product to our customers, and our customers recognize this quality.

Jon Smith Subs has become a popular, reputable sandwich brand with an existing pool of loyal customers around the world. Our success as a brand can be attributed to our business model, which combines a casual dining experience with a focus on customer service.

We stand out by providing what many other restaurants do not, and when we gain a customer, they’re a customer for life. We never use pre-cooked or frozen materials in our kitchens; farm-fresh vegetables are cut every day. We do not microwave, steam, or pre-heat, and our ingredients aren’t out on display all day.

Branding is Key

Branding is a key component to growth strategy and goes beyond fancy logos and catchy taglines. When customers see the Jon Smith Subs logo, high-quality, good value, and superior customer service resonate. Part of the appeal of becoming a franchisee is the interest in being part of an established brand.

Customers know that when they reach for a Jon Smith Subs, they’re getting a superior-quality, delicious sandwich at an excellent value. We’ve worked hard to earn the public’s trust, and after all of these years, we’re synonymous with the best.

We recently unveiled fresh new branding to truly highlight our use of fresh ingredients. Our branding reflects the hard work that’s gone into winning over customers, our solid history and performance, and our commitment to sparking customers’ curiosity.

Part of the Jon Smith Subs brand is our marketing support. Our tried-and-true marketing practices and innovative marketing plans are provided to all of our franchisees. We utilize a multi-channel approach to focus on your local market and draw in a broader segment of potential customers.

We provide our franchisees with a clear set of brand guidelines, so they’re aware of all aspects of our brand, and our brand is kept consistent across all of our stores. Additionally, by having all of our brand guidelines, franchisees can save valuable time and money.

The time and energy they would have to invest without these guidelines could be costly, so we provide a bank of marketing materials that include a grand opening tool kit, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials, mailers, point-of-purchase displays, and more, all created for you by our in-house marketing team.

Your branding is the link that connects everything your business does to your customers’ experiences, and when you open a store with Jon Smith Subs, your sandwich shop franchise will be recognized for our commitment to quality and value.

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