Our sandwich shop franchise business plan has been refined over 30+ years to yield maximum results for our franchisees. When you decide to invest, you’ll enjoy the benefits of two teams managing things behind the scenes: The Jon Smith Subs team (experts in quick-service restaurants and making the perfect sandwiches) and the United Franchise Group (UFG) team (experts in franchising and increasing your bottom line). Below, we’ll give you a high-level overview of some of the highlights of our model. 

Appealing to Customers 

Perhaps the most compelling reason that we’ve been in business as long as we have is that we know how to appeal to customers. While other QSRs focus on keeping prices low (by any means necessary), we’ve always refused to compromise the quality of our product. We marinate our meats slowly overnight, and our customers can taste the difference. We also offer large portion sizes and impeccably clean restaurants. Competitive advantages like these were just as appealing to customers in 1988 as they are today. 

A Turnkey Sandwich Shop Franchise Business Plan

The “turnkey model” refers to businesses that are so simple to startup, you virtually just have to turn the key to the front door. While most Jon Smith Subs franchises are created from the ground up, we believe in making the process just that simple. We’ve been able to do it by standardizing and streamlining just about every step. We work with our franchisees to:

  • Find the perfect location
  • Build it out and outfit it with fixtures, furniture, signage, and so forth
  • Find customers
  • Grow their business

As conveyed, you don’t need business or QSR experience to take advantage of our opportunity. That simplicity is an integral part of our sandwich shop franchise business plan.

Multi-Unit Ownership is Encouraged

Investing in multiple units is not required by any means, but we want our franchisees to have a plan for growth, and multi-unit ownership is a great option. Opening multiple Jon Smith Subs franchises is just about as easy as opening your first one, thanks to the turnkey model described above. Furthermore, you can count on exclusive multi-unit discounts making it more affordable than ever to unlock new revenue streams in your area. 

The Support of UFG Behind Us

An explanation of our sandwich shop franchise business plan wouldn’t be complete without including UFG. It’s a franchising powerhouse made up of experts in a range of fields who all have one goal: helping franchisees like you to grow their businesses. They support Jon Smith Subs behind the scenes by helping us identify great new markets, break down industry trends, and streamline costs for franchisees. 

With a snapshot of our comprehensive business model fresh in your mind, feel free to get in touch with us today to see how all of this impacts the day-to-day experience for our franchisees!