Due to the growth potential within the fast-casual restaurant industry, many entrepreneurs are evaluating the opportunity to open and get involved in a business venture of their own. Faced with the very real obstacle of going it on their own, however, some are hesitant to fully “leap in” and start their own small business. The industry is very competitive, making it difficult to stand out without an established name and presence.

To paint a clearer picture of what makes a Jon Smith Subs franchise a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the fast-casual food space, we’ll examine not only the benefits of franchising but those of being a member of the Jon Smith Subs family. We’ll provide you with a better understanding of the plus side of franchising by pointing out the advantages of pursuing a fast-casual restaurant franchise vs. starting your own traditional small business in the industry.

Finally, and more specifically, once you’ve had a chance to view the typical investment requirements of a Jon Smith Subs franchisee that we’ve outlined for you below, you’ll have a greater overall perspective of what you can expect to receive from us as a franchisee and the profits you can realize if you invest in a sandwich shop with Jon Smith Subs.

Why Franchise with Jon Smith Subs?

An entrepreneur running a typical small business in the fast-casual restaurant industry will encounter many more obstacles than they would as a franchisee with the support of a reliable franchisor. By partnering with Jon Smith Subs, you can leverage several advantages of franchising that you would not have access to under another business model. Some common franchising benefits that apply to Jon Smith Subs include an established brand identity and product line, onboarding new staff, access to corporate resources, and pathways to entering new territories.

Jon Smith Subs enables our franchisees to become leaders in the fast-casual dining space through our established brand identity, training and support programs, and flexibility to achieve the things you’ve always wanted from your business. With over three decades of successful business backing us and our dedication to serving hot, freshly prepared sub sandwiches, Jon Smith Subs equips our franchisees with what they’ll need to satisfy their customers’ craving for made-to-order subs with fresh ingredients.

Our training program begins with new franchisees visiting our Florida headquarters to become fully prepared for their location’s grand opening. And the support from the Jon Smith Subs corporate team does not stop once your doors have opened for business – our support efforts are ongoing as your business remains in operation. We pride ourselves in preparing our franchisees to gain the freedom they seek in their professional careers and accomplish personal goals and ambitions.

How Much Does A Jon Smith Subs’ Investment Cost?

As with any business venture, a Jon Smith Subs franchise requires a level of investment to get it started. The sandwich shop franchise costs at Jon Smith Subs include starting liquid capital of $150,000, a total investment of between $300,000 and $600,000, and a royalty fee of 6%. These investment costs directly cover the resources your Jon Smith Subs location will need while your business is starting, such as training materials, kitchen equipment, marketing activities, and business operation efforts.

Along with your entrepreneurial spirit, a Jon Smith Subs franchise can help you surpass the limits associated with starting a sandwich business under a traditional small business model. We’re committed to proving that a Jon Smith Subs franchise can be a fantastic business opportunity for entrepreneurs like you.

Curious to learn more about the investment required for a Jon Smith Subs franchise? Reach out to us today to learn more!