Jon Smith Subs is thriving in the fast-casual restaurant industry. We’re able to adapt to the latest industry trends and standards while maintaining a proven model backed by decades of experience.

Start a sandwich franchise with Jon Smith Subs today and taste the difference.

Sandwich Trends

If you’re in the fast-casual restaurant industry, you know how important trends can be for business. Sandwich shops are no different. Here are some trends that sandwich shop owners should know:

  1. Deli meat is still a staple of most homes. Most Americans choose deli meat for its convenience and flavor innovation, promising to remain on consumer’s minds.
  2. Premium products are king. New flavors and styles are providing more sandwich options than ever before.
  3. Healthful choices are becoming indispensable. Healthier choices matter more than they did a decade ago. More Americans are eating healthier since the pandemic in an effort to thwart off the virus and other health issues. Plant-based products are also poised to grow.
  4. Pre-packaged meats are seeing growth. Pre-sliced meats allow for convenience, longer shelf life, and packaging technology that maintains safety, quality, and flavor.
  5. Snacking is the ultimate meal. Consumers are replacing meals with snacks more often, and single-serve products are providing solutions for socially distanced, smaller holiday gatherings by giving consumers the opportunity to explore various options without spending a fortune.
  6. Ready-to-eat and do-it-yourself takes a big bite. Charcuterie continues to be a popular trend, and consumers enjoy preparing grazing platters at home. Meal kits are a great opportunity to express creativity and prepare trays catered to specific tastes or dietary restrictions.
  7. E-tail continues its surge. While in-store buying isn’t completely abandoned, more customers than ever are continuing to utilize online shopping as the means of ordering and picking up groceries.

Fast-Casual Restaurant Industry Trends

It’s worth noting that as these trends continue to grow and take more of the market share, it’s evident that consumers will continue to drive healthier and more dynamic tastes in the fast-casual restaurant industry as well. A simple burger and fries, for the most part, clearly won’t cut it anymore.

Fast casual maintains the speed and convenience for grabbing a bite, especially during the day. Customers love our conveniently located shops, and that they can utilize our online services to view menus and order food. Jon Smith Subs sits perfectly in this category, as we provide higher quality, imaginative cuisine that’s served to customers on the go.

We’re proud to provide many healthy options, like super fresh, locally sourced vegetables sliced daily. Our meats are marinated in-house, and we never use processed filler. We embrace regional tastes and new flavors, as well as new takes on classics.

Jon Smith Subs is a great option in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Our franchise opportunity starts with a turnkey investment that includes everything you need to get started and stay successful with no experience necessary. The Jon Smith Subs difference is the quality and diversity of our menu: we’re unique in that we have menu items that can’t be found elsewhere, and the quality of our food is at the heart of our business.

At Jon Smith Subs, we’ll help you get away from the daily grind and show you how owning a sandwich shop in the fast-casual restaurant industry is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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