Opening a sandwich shop beats starting your own business, period. At Jon Smith Subs, we can claim this confidently, as we see our franchisees take success to a new level. Jon Smith Subs is a proven leader in the sub sandwich industry. 

Being a Jon Smith Subs franchisee means you have the support of United Franchise Group’s 30+ years of experience and the benefit of their combined expertise. You’ll receive extensive training and marketing support. You’ll be buying into a successful, proven concept. 

Starting your own business means you are likely starting from scratch, learning by trial and error, and doing it all on your own.

We could go on and on about the reasons opening a sandwich shop beats starting your own business.

1. You’ll have our help setting up, building out, and bringing your dream to reality.

We are dedicated to the success of each of our franchisees, and we have the systems in place to help you get off the ground quickly. We’ll begin by helping you search for the right building with our real estate assistance. Our comprehensive guidance will help you select the perfect spot to set up shop, taking into consideration location, traffic flow, and competition.

2. We don’t stop there! Not only will we help you build, but you’ll also receive everything that comes with a great brand – training, usage of our name and materials, marketing — you name it!

Our training and support programs provide you with all the tools you need to succeed at opening our sandwich shop. As a Jon Smith Subs franchisee, you will receive 37 hours of initial training at our corporate headquarters, providing the foundation you need to launch your business with confidence. Your two weeks of in-depth classroom instruction is followed up by 126 hours of on-site training right in your location. 

We provide a grand opening tool kit, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials, mailers, point-of-purchase displays, and more, all created for you by our in-house marketing team.

Even after your location opens, you will have access to online training tools and collaborative systems, ensuring that you stay on top of the latest industry trends, training updates, marketing programs, and more. 

3. Sub shops are a proven industry with potential for growth. Who doesn’t love a good sub?

By partnering with Jon Smith Subs, you become a part of one of the leading sandwich franchises with a successful business track record, serving high-quality food. Jon Smith Subs offers an array of appealing dishes, ranging from its well-known and popular individually wrapped, marinated four- and six-inch sirloin steak subs, to multiple options, including grill items, giant deli subs, salads, and numerous side options.

Consider these industry numbers: consumers spent $21 billion at sandwich and sub franchises last year alone, per IBISWorld, while the industry as a whole has grown an average of 2.8 percent annually for the past five years. Consumers spent $245 billion in the fast food industry last year, an industry that has seen 3.2 percent average annual growth over the past five years. 

4. There’s less competition — we make sure that our shops each maintain their own territory so there’s no competition.

With a Jon Smith Subs franchise, your selected territory should potentially put you on top of the competition, and with the training and support from the brand, you should have what you need to keep your doors open and stay open.

5. We take out a lot of the uncertainty – your business will be backed by a major corporation but run by YOU. You’ll have the balance of a good, strong backbone; but the freedom to run your business as you see fit. 

To outshine the competition and attract customers, you need to have a name on your sign that readily recognized. People all around the world know Jon Smith Subs and the quality to expect upon entering your doors.

We support the development of regional menu items celebrating the cities that enjoy our subs.


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