Millennials have become the largest generation at over 75 million strong, surpassing their Baby Boomer parents, according to Brookings. There are more new jobs and ways to work now than ever before, and millennials are open to expanding their expertise while trying something new. 

As millennials become the largest working group in the U.S., there’s become a need for more employment options. Sandwich shops are a great way for you to try something new and expand your portfolio, all while being backed by Jon Smith Subs. Millennials have spent their careers working for someone else and are at the age where they have the knowledge and experience to consider becoming their own boss. At Jon Smith Subs, we make it easy to own a sub shop

Here are 5 reasons millennials should start a sandwich business

5. The industry experiences consistent growth.

Sub and sandwich shop franchise revenue is expected to grow, reports IBISWorld. The fast-casual industry has experienced consistent growth as the economy continues its recovery. Starting a sandwich business is a great way to jump into this profitable industry.

4. Millennials love restaurants.

Comprising two-fifths of the working-age population, most millennials have had jobs in the restaurant industry and love frequenting restaurants, according to Forbes. One of the top reasons millennials love eating out is the convenience it offers, and it’s why quick-service restaurants (QSR)’s can expect a continued rate of growth. The market is primed for millennials to consider tapping into it and starting a sandwich business of their own.

3. Sandwich businesses are focusing more on fresh, healthy ingredients.

Now that millennials are approaching middle age, they are moving away from high-fat, processed diets to avoid the health risks associated with the Standard American Diet. Sandwich shops such as Jon Smith Subs are now offering healthier options like more nutritious vegetables, gluten-free bread, low-calorie foods, and freshly prepared meats.

2. Ditch the commute: help the environment and save money.

Commuting is one of the worst responsibilities we are tasked with each day, and by becoming a franchisee, you can move your work closer to your home and spend less time in your car. Economists estimate that each day, you commute it costs $19 in direct driving and car ownership costs, states Lifehacker. Not only can you help the environment, but you can also save some cash.

1. You can be your own boss.

Quite possibly the most appealing feature of owning a franchise is becoming your own boss. You are in control and able to execute your ideas and business plans the way you see fit. As millennials approach middle age, you’ve probably worked for countless bosses and companies over the years, without much say over your destiny. Owning a franchise creates a sense of pride and creativity as you run the business your way.

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