We all know that opening a sub franchise can have a lot of benefits when compared to opening a small sub shop. But what entrepreneurs can often overlook is the importance of the franchise’s location. That is why when you buy a Jon Smith Subs franchise, we work with you to find the perfect location that has everything you need to open with confidence. Fortunately, with a sub franchise, the possibilities are endless for an ideal location. From the Northeast to the Southwest, there are plenty of targeted territories that have the ideal demographics for a Jon Smith Subs franchise. Here are five regional locations that are optimal for your own sub franchise and why they work so well.


We got our start right in Florida. Our founders saw that there was a demand for bigger portions, better quality, and healthier ingredients when it came to subs and sandwiches, so they launched Jon Smith Subs to deliver just that. Since 1988, we have been bringing our quality subs to customers all throughout Florida and other states as well. Other sub franchises can’t match what we bring to the table, and our customers love the fast-casual experience they get when they walk through the door.

We have almost 20 franchises throughout Florida and the Southeast, with ample opportunities for more.

West Coast

Californians have a vast palette for different types of foods, but one that they can’t seem to live without is subs. We have opened several franchise locations all throughout California that are thriving because of our turnkey business model that enables our franchisees to bring the same quality and consistency to every location across the country. Customers love the experience just as much as they love the subs, so having a consistent atmosphere that can be found at any Jon Smith Subs franchise is key to our sub franchises’ success.


Even philly cheese steaks face tough competition when it comes to Jon Smith Subs franchises. Our high-quality ingredients are hard to match at a small, independently-owned sub shop. In addition, a nice hot sub goes great in the winter time in the Northeast and a cold one goes great in the summer. The Northeast is an excellent region for a sub franchise because people love them year-round!


The Midwest is full of plains, grains, and franchise opportunities. Grocery stores can be few and far between for people who live in the Midwest, which opens up a lot of potential for a franchise like Jon Smith Subs. In addition, customers like that there is the option to go out to eat or take the food to go, which makes our fast-casual franchise concept perfect for people who live in the Midwest.


Outside of the United States, there is still an immense demand for sub franchises like Jon Smith Subs. We have franchises available in other countries such as Australia! The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to a location for a sub franchise, and when you invest in your own Jon Smith Subs, we will work with you to find the right one in a territory near you or in a country that has a demographic that is favorable for a sub franchise.

Find out where the best location for a sub franchise with Jon Smith Subs is by contacting us today.