Breaking into the fast food restaurant industry is a great bet when you partner with the right franchisor. While the industry is rapidly growing, there’s plenty of competition to contend with. You’ll want to choose a franchisor that knows how to help you get ahead. Jon Smith Subs has been staying on top of the competition since 1988! Here, learn about some of the reasons that customers and franchisees love to choose our brand. 

We Stand Out in the Fast Food Restaurant Industry Because of …

1. High Quality and Large Portion Sizes

It’s the reason that customers have been choosing Jon Smith Subs for over 30 years. We’re known for slow-marinating our meats overnight. We don’t cut corners to speed things up because we’re unwilling to compromise on quality. Our customers can taste the difference! Along these lines, we offer portion sizes that are larger than many of our competitors’. Guests love that they can stop in for a hearty meal and leave satisfied, no matter how hungry they are!

2. Convenient Locations

Jon Smith Subs franchises can operate in even small spaces. When choosing the right spot, you’ll need to keep pace with the fast food restaurant industry competition, so it’s essential to set up shop in a high traffic area that can generate potential customers. Your business should be convenient to get to, centrally located (ideally with parking), and close to public transportation. Because of our flexibility, we can help you find locations that meet all of these criteria!  

3. Great Branding

Branding can make or break your business in the fast food restaurant industry. While Jon Smith Subs is currently expanding throughout the U.S., we’ve already established a name for ourselves on the East Coast. We’ve developed a strong reputation for great food and exceptionally clean restaurants. As we continue to open new locations in the U.S. and worldwide, our franchisees will benefit from the years of hard work we’ve put into building our brand. 

4. Strong Franchisee Support

We understand that our franchisees’ success is crucial to our success as a brand. That’s why we don’t just stand out to customers – we’ve been a favorite among franchisees as well. We offer our franchisees comprehensive support from the time they join our team. Starting with 126 hours of on-the-job training and continuing with marketing support and business coaching, we stand by our franchisees throughout the life of their businesses. 

Best of all, franchisees can count on us to stay on top of market research. We’ll research industry trends, so franchisees don’t have to, and we pass our findings along to them – keeping their restaurants competitive in real time!

These are just a few of the ways Jon Smith has been beating the competition for decades. Contact us today to learn more about what you can expect as a franchisee.