Isn’t building a loyal customer base that is excited about your brand the goal for businesses of all shapes and sizes? Well, when you open a sandwich shop franchise with Jon Smith Subs, that’s exactly what you will see. Whether it’s the great feedback we receive or the daily interactions that take place at our locations, Jon Smith Subs values every opportunity that we get to engage with our customer. Let’s take a look at how our Jon Smith Subs franchise has built such a fantastic customer base, from our pledge and legacy, to undeniable quality, to our extensive variety in menu offerings. 

Our Story and Pledge 

In 1988 the first Jon Smith Subs was opened and almost immediately, we made our standard clear: what matters to us is supreme quality — from our exquisitely prepared meats to our farm fresh veggies. And that isn’t just our claim or an empty promise, that’s our pledge to the foodies we serve. Our customers’ distinct palates won’t settle for anything less — no cans, no pre-cooked proteins, no shortcuts. When you open a sandwich franchise with Jon Smith Subs, lines of guests won’t hope for this level of quality, they’ll expect it. Just one of the many reasons our team is excited to fire up the grill and take orders each and every day. 

Convenience is Key

There is nothing more important for businesses trying to keep up in our industry than providing the customer with the utmost convenience whenever possible. Imagine the stress — you’re hosting some friends and family for a Sunday football watch party. Each of those guests means one more mouth to feed and you know just a bag of tortilla chips and salsa isn’t going to cut it. Instead of spending hours preparing a feast — our Jon Smith Subs franchise locations can provide an easier solution. 

Our ability to cater make Jon Smith Subs the perfect option for hosts looking to feed a part with tasty sandwich platters and giant, crisp garden salads. And if a customer is looking for an easy dinner instead of spending the evening cooking, Jon Smith Subs has them covered as well. Jon Smith Subs is available with popular food delivery services like Door Dash, so customers never have to even leave their house to enjoy our offerings. It’s this type of convenience that is constantly evolving in our industry and another reason that customers just can’t get enough of Jon Smith Subs.

Extensive Menu Options

Variety is crucial and our Jon Smith Subs franchise locations have something on the menu for any type of flavor. Our sub choices seem limitless, with an extensive variety of both our marinated sirloin steak and grilled chicken sub options.  Our sandwiches can even take the heat, with our extensive grilled sandwich choices that touch each taste bud with oozing cheese and well-prepared meats. When you open a sandwich shop franchise with Jon Smith Subs, you’ll find your capability to satisfy all types of customers. 

If you want to learn more about the Jon Smith Subs franchise name, our investment structure, and why you should open a sandwich shop franchise, contact us today!