2021 will be our 33rd year in business at Jon Smith Subs, and our sub shop franchise has proven that it can weather changing industry trends. Here, learn about a few of the industry trends 2021 has in store, and see how Jon Smith Subs meets them. 

Curbside Pickup and Delivery Options

The 2020 pandemic has reshaped the way lots of people choose to dine out, and curbside pickup and delivery are just two examples. While in-person dining might be on hold for the time being, quick-service restaurants like Jon Smith sub shop franchises are in a better position than many other businesses. People have always seen our menu as a great grab and go option. Furthermore, we introduced curbside pickup to many of our locations, making it easier for people to order a meal without even needing to set foot in a restaurant. We also partner with delivery apps like DoorDash so that customers can have their meals delivered! These trends are likely to dominate in 2021.

When in-person dining returns across the board, we’re sure that Jon Smith Subs franchisees will be some of the first to benefit. We’ve always prided ourselves on keeping our restaurants impeccably clean, and we believe that reputation will go a long way. 

Continued Emphasis on Health

There’s no question that consumers today care about eating better than they once did. While fast food restaurants are still quite popular, people are trying to eat well. In actuality, 45% of young adults are determined to eat well!

Jon Smith Subs has lots of options to suit just about every customer. They’re able to customize their orders to their liking, so they’re never surprised by what they get. While we do have menu options available for customers who want to indulge (fries, anyone?), Jon Smith Subs is all about choice and flexibility.

Transparency from Restaurants

At the start, 2021 reveals consumers value transparency more than ever. People care about what they eat, and they’re taking the time to learn more about the meals they choose. Jon Smith Subs has always fared well against other sub shop franchises and fast food restaurants because we prioritize quality. We freshly bake our bread right in our shop and slowly marinate our meats. As more customers take the time to learn about these processes, we’re confident it can only benefit our franchisees. 

One of the best things about choosing to partner with our sub shop franchise is that our team is always monitoring industry trends, so you don’t have to. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry so that we can ensure you’re offering in-demand products and services to your customers. 

Contact Jon Smith Subs today to learn more about how we’re staying ahead of the curve in 2021.