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Help Your Community on the Road to Recovery by

Franchising a Sub Shop in Orlando

This year has been rough on everyone, but if we work together, we can help Orlando find a way to bounce back. Buying a sandwich shop in Orlando is a terrific way for you to contribute to your vibrant and diverse community by offering them great tasting food made with high-quality ingredients prepared in-house. With our flexible franchise model, we make it easy for your customers to enjoy simple and safe access to our delicious and fresh take-out dine-in food. Discover why now is the perfect time to launch a Jon Smith Sub franchise.
Orlando, Florida

Training and Support for Your Own Sandwich Restaurant

Do you know of an Orlando sub shop for sale? Are you looking to start your own franchise? At Jon Smith Subs, we want our franchisees to be successful and we strive to provide them with a firm foundation for their business. If you open a franchise through us, we will provide you with initial training at our headquarters in West Palm Beach. Our state-of-the-art facility and world-class instructors will help you learn how to build your business. Not only do we have great instructors, but we also provide you with 126 hours of on-the-job training! Once you finish this training and open your franchise, we will help you succeed by providing you with ongoing support.

A Great Fast-Casual Restaurant for Orlando

Jon Smith Subs stands apart from the competition because we make sure to use real, fresh ingredients that are cooked to order. We also use marinated meats, diverse cheeses, and condiments, as well as fresh baked bread. Our customers have come to expect a higher level of quality from our subs and we make sure that each franchise meets these expectations. By taking advantage of our brand and support, you can create the best Orlando sub shop!

We know that you will be successful because over the past 30+ years we have become a leader in the fast-casual industry. As the economy improves and the pandemic starts to decrease, consumers will be budgeting more money for eating out. Fast-casual restaurants make it easy to for these consumers to get their food quickly without sacrificing quality. This restaurant type also lends itself well to social distancing guidelines from the CDC. Customers can get their food and choose to stay in our spaced-out seating, but many take their quality subs on the go. We provide a restaurant quality product, without the standard occupancy needs of standard restaurants.

Jon Smith Subs franchise

Benefits of a Turnkey franchise

The greatest aspect of turnkey franchises is the lack of experience required to get up and running. While business knowledge and experience do make the process easier, we are here with you through every step of the way. We consider our franchisees a part of Jon Smith Subs family and that means that your success will be our success. We also believe that one of the best ways to help a community that has been struggling to get back up on its feet is to invest our time and expertise into that community by supporting our franchisees and making the process seamless.

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We want to bring Jon Smith Subs to new heights, and now we’re looking for franchise partners up north who want to partner with our established QSR brand.

Our team is constantly researching what hot markets would be a good fit for our sub sandwich franchise — Canada checked off all the boxes. Our concept excels in all types of environments, from heavily populated cities to suburban communities. Jon Smith Subs has an incredibly flexible franchise model, which is crucial when adapting a brand to uncharted territories. With United Franchise Group brands virtually everywhere, we have the experience and know-how to grow our family anywhere.

Opening a sub chain in Canada can be an incredible opportunity for you to diversify your existing franchise portfolio in a booming industry.  Canadian foodies are tired of the same old sandwiches that lack quality and a flair for flavor — all around, Jon Smith Subs is different.

If you would like to learn more about opening a fast-casual restaurant in Canada, click here to learn more or Contact a member of our team to discuss the opportunity.