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The Jon Smith Subs Sandwich Restaurant Opportunity in

Los Angeles

Are you considering investing in a Los Angeles restaurant? Make it a quick-service restaurant (QSR)! QSRs like Jon Smith Subs have grown more popular among customers of all ages in recent years. Just about everyone loves the convenience we have to offer, and in our case, they also love that our menu is a welcome alternative to greasy, processed, fast food. We believe our alternative menu options would make Jon Smith Subs especially popular in Los Angeles, which is why we’ve set our sights on expanding throughout the area.

Miami Dade County

Why Own a Sub Shop in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles County is home to over 10 million people of all walks of life. The city alone is home to nearly 4 million people! A population this size creates a high demand for restaurants – there are nearly 30,000 in Los Angeles. Jon Smith Subs would be a perfect fit for this landscape. Our flexible format allows customers to dine in or get their meal to-go, so we can set up shop in small or shared spaces. We’ll do demographic research to identify places in the city that have lots of foot traffic and can open a location that fits right in. We’re able to open our doors in places that are off-limits to other franchises, including:

  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Food courts & food halls
  • Amusement parks
  • College campuses

all of which Los Angeles has in abundance!

quality subs by Jon Smith Subs

Why Choose Jon Smith Subs?

There’s no shortage of restaurant opportunities in California, and we know that you have other franchises to choose from or might even be thinking of going into business independently. The Jon Smith Subs investment comes with many perks that you won’t get anywhere else.

For one thing, we’re part of United Franchise Group, a powerhouse parent company that’s been a leader in the franchise space since 1986. They’ve helped us to streamline our business model so that our franchisees can enjoy maximum efficiency without wasting resources. 

With their expertise behind us, we’re able to offer our franchisees comprehensive support throughout the life of their business. Furthermore, we’ve developed a reputation for making the best subs around – a reputation you’ll immediately share in when you open your doors under our brand name.

Jon Smith Subs is also an outstanding opportunity for people looking to convert their existing, independently-owned businesses. Conversion can help you improve your bottom line with the support of a team of experts behind you. Get in touch to see how you could reduce your franchise cost by converting your restaurant!

Contact us today to learn more about this exciting sandwich restaurant opportunity in Los Angeles.


We want to bring Jon Smith Subs to new heights, and now we’re looking for franchise partners up north who want to partner with our established QSR brand.

Our team is constantly researching what hot markets would be a good fit for our sub sandwich franchise — Canada checked off all the boxes. Our concept excels in all types of environments, from heavily populated cities to suburban communities. Jon Smith Subs has an incredibly flexible franchise model, which is crucial when adapting a brand to uncharted territories. With United Franchise Group brands virtually everywhere, we have the experience and know-how to grow our family anywhere.

Opening a sub chain in Canada can be an incredible opportunity for you to diversify your existing franchise portfolio in a booming industry.  Canadian foodies are tired of the same old sandwiches that lack quality and a flair for flavor — all around, Jon Smith Subs is different.

If you would like to learn more about opening a fast-casual restaurant in Canada, click here to learn more or Contact a member of our team to discuss the opportunity.